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One danger of sing the frameworks in this chapter is that if they are applied prescriptively, they may well lead to a sophisticated form of stereotyping. Explain this danger and suggest ways to avoid it. 3. Explain Tiresomeness achievement-ascription dimension, and comment on its usefulness in an international business setting. Achievement is the status based on what a person does while ascription is who a person is. These dimensions are known to be very important in the sense that without them the international business would not properly work.

Achievement is known to be what a person does as in how he spend his time and what he does with his time. While Ascription is the sense in when a person is, how he is defined and what his morals are. These two subjects are very important in the international business setting because you need to understand who you are and the difference of whatnot do. 4. Why should international managers study the religion of the country they are planning to work in, even if they are not especially interested in the general area of religion?

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Studying the religion of a specific place you try to do business with is very important. Since religion is the basic attitude and belief of every world culture. Also knowing the local religion shows that you are interested in them and it shows respect towards their culture. For example, if you do not know anything about the culture you might say something that will strike inappropriate for them and will show disrespect of the culture’s core. 5. What two aspects of the culture frameworks would you share with a league leaving on her first foreign assignment, and why?

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