Self-Test Questions on Organization Structures and Designs Assignment

Self-Test Questions on Organization Structures and Designs Assignment Words: 792

Truest. Social network analysis identifies the informal structures and their embedded social relationships that are active in an organization. False. Identifying the informal structures and their embedded social relationships that are active in an organization defines social empowerment analysis. Truer. Three common types of traditional organizational structures are functional, divisional, and matrix. Truer. A potential disadvantage of functional structures concerns difficulties in pinpointing responsibilities for cost containment, product or service laity, timeliness, and innovation.

Truer. Included among the potential advantages of divisional structures are more flexibility in responding to environmental changes and clear points of responsibility for product or service delivery. Truer AAA work process is a group of tasks related to one another that collectively creates something of value to a customer. Truer 1 . The potential disadvantages of team structures include conflicting loyalties among members regarding both team and functional assignments and the excessive time spent in meetings. Truer 2.

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The advantages of network structures include (a) staying cost competitive through reduced overhead and increased operating efficiency, and (b) operating with fewer full-time employees and less complex internal systems. Truer 3. A virtual organization is a special form of a boundaries organization. True. Decentralized authority, fewer rules and procedures, and personal means of coordination are characteristics of organic designs. Truer 5. Adaptive organizations operate with a minimum of bureaucratic structure and with cultures that encourage worker empowerment and participation.

Falsely. Narrow spans of control create an organization that is more efficient and flexible, whereas wider spans Of control usually result in additional management overhead costs. Truer 7 -Authority is the right to act in ways to carry out the assigned tasks. Truer 8. Staff can grow to the point where it costs more in administrative overhead than the staff is worth. Multiple Choice AAA. We don’t empower others because we fear losing B. Employees C. Trust D. Money E. None of the above . A. Control 820. Is the process of arranging people and other resources to together to accomplish a goal.

A. Planning. B. Organizing C. Controlling. D. Leading. E. Straightening. AAA . Any organization structure should and . A. Allocate task assignments through a division Of labor provide for the coordination Of performance results. B. Allocate task assignments through a division of labor provide for the creation of a horizontal organization. C. Allocate organizational resources to important departments provide for the oversight of less important departments. D. Assign good leaders to the effective work teams assign poorer leaders to marginally effective work teams. E.

Assign organizational objectives to divisions, departments, and work teams provide for the coordination of performance results. EYE. Which of the following pieces of information cannot be determined front an organization chart? A. Formal communication channels. B. Type of work performed. C. Division of work. D. Levels of management. E. Informal decision-making coalitions. 24. Jill, a recent MBA graduate in the field of accounting, is the finance manager of ION Company. Jill has a problem with a shadow organization in his division. One sensible first step in Sill’s management strategy might be A.

Meeting with his employees to let them know he is the boss. B. Promising bonuses only to those employees who agree with him and work with him. C. Seeking to understand and work with the shadow organization. D. Firing the people who are members of the shadow organization. E. Assuming his staff is trying to undermine him and act accordingly. CA. When an organization chart shows vice presidents of marketing, manufacturing, finance, and human resources reporting directly to the president of a company, the top management group is organized as a structure. A. Horizontal. B.

Vertical. C. Functional. D. Divisional. E. Matrix. DAD. Structures that group together jobs and activities that are serving the same customers or clients are called B. Process. C. Matrix. D. Customer. E. Geographical. Structures. A. Product. B 27. EX. Marketing creates teams of employees from varying departments within the organization when working on projects for their clients. This combination of members from different areas of work responsibility is an example of: A. Interdepartmental team. B. Cross-functional team. C. Self-managing team. D. Task team. E. Network team.

E 28. Organizations are those in which teamwork and intense communication take the place of formal lines of authority. A. Divisional. B. Functional. C. Geographical. D. Matrix. E. Boundaries. C 29. Triple Z Inc. Is a new company that is contemplating the type of organizational design to use in its operations and is considering a design that is characterized by decentralization, wider spans of control, and few rules anal procedures. Triple Z is considering which type of design? : A. Mechanistic. B. Traditional. C. Organic. D. Bureaucratic. E. Transformational. C 30.

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