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Reference format Binding Respective tutor please use the attached cover page Times New Roman 12 1. 5 Top: 2. 54 cm; Bottom: 2. 54cm; Left: 2. 54cm; Right: 2. 54cm 10 pages, excluding preliminary pages and appendices APA Style Stapled/Comb binding Mapping of assignment learning outcomes to subject learning outcomes: Assignment’s Learning Outcomes Subject Learning Outcomes Upon completion of this assignment, students Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to: should be able to: Describe e-business, its infrastructure 1 Describe an e-business, its infrastructure LOI nd its various applications in business. Analyse and critique in depth e-business websites from business and technical perspectives. L04 Analyse and critique e-business websites from business and technical Instructions: Part 1 In a group of FIVE (5) students, you are required to analyse TWO (2) different e-business companies, each with a web presence. The e-business companies chosen are on a first-come basis. The criteria for choosing the websites are they must come from the same industry, use social media as a part of their business, and can be local or international company.

You are suggested to choose companies that have been successful in their industry such as Zalora, Lazada, Zappos, Alibaba and etc. Visit the websites and write a report based on the following areas: a) For each company: Briefly describe the background of the company (the name, the URL, the type of product or service it provides). Identify the category of e-business for the company. Speculate on why each company set up the business and what do you think the company hope to achieve? b) Compare the two websites and investigate their characteristics and strategies as follows: i.

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Web presence (speed, layout, color scheme, pictures, links, clear and informative message, image etc. ). Ease of use (navigation, availability, usability). Ordering methods and shopping facilities (shopping carts). Payment systems. Security (encryption, firewalls, secure socket layer, secure electronic transfer). Privacy policies. Advertising and marketing methods use. Technologies use to enable user to interact with the site. Part 2 Based on your findings in Part 1: a) Analyse the pros and cons of FIVE (5) commonly used social media used by e- businesses. b)

Provide justifications for the TWO (2) e-businesses, identified in Part 1, for choosing their specific social media(s) as their promotional strategy. c) Based on your findings in Part (b), propose an improvement to the current social media(s) or another social media that the e-businesses can use to enhance their business further. Recommended readings: Schneider, G 201 1, E-business, 9th ed. , Cengage Learning, LISA. Turban, E, King, E, Lee, J, Liang TP & Turban, D 2010, Electronic Commerce 2010- A Managerial Perspective, 6th ed. , Prentice Hall, LJSA. Page 2

Laudon, KC & Traver, CG 2008, E-commerce: Business, Technology, Society, 4th ed. , Prentice Hall, IJSA. Awad, EM 2006, Electronic Commerce: From Vision to Fulfillment, 3rd ed. , Prentice Hall, IJSA. Reminders: Plagiarism plagiarism is a serious offence. Plagiarism include the following behaviours (but not limited to): o copy another studen& work, o fail to properly cite other people’s work or give proper credit to the original source, o hire or ask another individual to complete the assignment for you, o copy too many words or ideas from one or two sources, that makes up a ignificant portion of your work, even with proper citation.

The lecturer has the rights not to accept submission of plagiarised or duplicated work. Group work Each group member must actively participate in the completion of the assignment. Free-riding is unethical and extremely unfair to fellow group members. Should any member be found not contributing to the assignment, the lecturer has the rights to change the specific group’s marks to individual marks. Each group member is expected to keep the contact numbers and e-mail addresses of the other members of the group.

The group leader has the responsibility to ensure that all group members play a part in the completion of the assignment. The group leader is also responsible to ensure that all members’ names are written on the final submission. It is the responsibility of each group member to ensure that the final submission is complete and of the acceptable standard. Should any errors or Omission occurred in the final submission, each group member is held accountable for negligence – in other words, failure to perform their responsibilities as expected.

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