What Constitutes Plagiarism? Assignment

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Two things you can avoid being accused Of plagiarism, paraphrasing (re- writing in your own words) Textbooks and other articles are only used as a source of information from which you can write in your own words, what are relevant points. When you need to rely on source text for information paraphrasing should be used the most. Also compare important points of views of different authors that you have read, add own comments on the topic under discussion.

Which you can compare different authors that you have read, and add your own. You will come up with a very good assignment. Following the rules when copying directly from the text. There will be times where you can quote the source the way it is. You must follow certain rules. You must rarely copy whole paragraphs in your writing. Short part of a source text can be copied if needed. The exact source of your quotation must be known. It must be shown clearly. You might want to copy directly when words are to the point to your assignment or discussion.

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Does plagiarism exist in the early childhood education system and how does it differ from what is expected at university? Plagiarism does exist in the early childhood education system as teachers use resources adapted from another work which may be considered as a direct repetition or another’s work lot photocopying as children constantly copy other words, ideas of other resources. At university students get punished for plagiarism as children in early childhood setting are encouraged to copy it is important for their learning journey.

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