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And with an expected market size of $113 billion by 2012, it makes Vietnam stand in 23rd place in Asian. Busty Vietnam is a big boss on selling product on Direct Television and on the internet. Moreover, Busty with ten years of selling products, they has accumulated the experiences and made Busty become the most successful of e-shop in Vietnam particularly and in over the world generally.

Busty Vietnam has fierce competed with the competitors such as SC] TV shopping, 123. Van, hothead. Van and other e-shop. With the SOOT, Busty Vietnam has become the most e-shop is succeed in selling products online. Besides that, Busty still have a lot of problems about their attitude, product quality and customer relationship. I recommend: Busty Vietnam maintain their positions in Vietnam Busty Vietnam should have more activities for get more customers to them and develop their relationship with the customer Busty Vietnam should expand their outlets, headquarter to other provinces. Background Information 1. Introduction Traditional retail still dominated. Vietnam is in 23rd place, and is still attractive, with Assignment 2 internet marketing By remixes Vietnam official opened its retail market to international entrants with 100 percent foreign capital in early 2009, at the height of the global economic crisis, when many multinational companies were taking a more conservative approach to expansion. Because of this reason, a lot of e-shop has Joined to this field to improve the financial of their company.

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Therefore, Busty an e-shop with fifty years of experiences in lulling products on the internet so they have succeeded to get though the economic crisis. 2. Highlight background information Best Buy Vietnam is one of the largest Direct Television, E-shop Company in Vietnam distributing though out Vietnam since 2002 specializing in distributing western origin consumer goods such as kitchen items, fitness, and household products and cosmetics via retail stores, internet and direct marketing channels.

Besides that, Busty Vietnam will have a “Big Box”, Best Mall which is bigger than the Best Mall in China. And you should know that Busty is in top 5 of the e-shop in over the world nearly and in Vietnam particularly. The first thing is to confirm all activities of Busty Vietnam always put the quality on the top with slogan is “Quality is our honor”, Busty frequently find the ways to reduce the cost to provide the preferential policies and reasonable price for the customer. The goal of Busty Vietnam is maintaining the positions of customer care services are leading in Vietnam.

Not only this, Busty always innovate everything from smallest to the biggest such as in attitude marketing, improving product’s quality, and taking care assassinate and advising customers to help Busty become successful on the path of rebinding the Vietnam market. Past 10 years ago, it is too long with rebinding process, but with Busty, ten years past also marked a Journey full effort to strive to reach and sever customers. Ten years are enough time for Busty to prove its position, the trust that the consumers in Vietnam dedicated for Busty.

II. Electronic – Customer relationship management System review (E-CRM) 1 . Secondary market search: Busty Vietnam is one of the largest Direct Television, E-shop Company in Vietnam, o Busty Vietnam is more difference than other e-shop such as 123. Van, SC] television shopping or eBay. Van. For Busty, we will believe Busty put the quality on the top so what are different than other websites and other television shopping. Thus, I have a research about comparing Busty, SC] television shopping and 123. Van Busty Vietnam SC] Television shopping 123. N Customer Purchases Busty is a big boss in selling products on television and on the internet. With the powerful workforce, has the most prestigious product’s quality. Busty has three headquarters in Hanoi, Ho Chi Mini city, Ad Nag City. All products from Best Buy are provided by Best Buy from American and Europe. With Busty policies, customer can change the new stuff if it has problem and customers do not like products, they can take the products to shop, they can receive their money back on SC] Television is from SC are provided by almost from American. SC] has two headquarters in Hanoi, Ho Chi Mini city.

With Chic’s policies, customer can change the new product if it has problem. 123. Van is an online shopping website providing both Vietnamese and overseas’ products from selected products, customers can buy secure products with he commitment from the providers in 123. Van. You can replace a broken product in 7 days or take back your money Service and support contact All information will be update automatically in all of social media such as social network, social search, on television. And if you need supports, you can contact to hotlist, official website or you can send the email or send question from 24/24.

Customer will have home warranty. Information will be up on the official website and on the television. And if you need support you can call the support service. All necessary information will be uploaded to 123. Van. In case you need supports, you can call hotlist, send email or send questions from email 2417, 123. Van will answer it as soon as possible. Sales force Contacts Both of them have a powerful sales force contact. This sales force will contact to the customer by the internet or the phone when the customer need to buy something on their website. 123. N is Just online shopping center, and it is a intermediaries who ad supplier’s products but not sell products directly to customer so they do not have sales forces contact Sales experience Busty is a big company from the United States. This company has a lot of quarters in over the world generally and Vietnam Particularly. This company was established in 1966 So Busty has a lot of experiences in selling product on the internet and on the television. SC] Television Shopping is a company from Korean. This company has a lot of headquarters in Asia.

Company was established in 1994, so they have a lot of experiences on selling products on the television. 123. Van is an e- shop. This e-shop is established for selling products on internet. This e-shop is established by VAN in 2006. Because almost products are game online. So they still young in the selling products. . Online survey Busty always have survey for customer to Judge the customer service, website, products and attitude. Because of these reasons, Busty has become a most successful company on e-shop and on Direct Television.

This survey is created for helping Busty to improve them. HTTPS://docs. Google. Com/forms/d/ ISPBLJH03CP81SW8VECQ5U46ajxgaspl-ex. RIJ4S3uomewform 1 . Have you ever gone shopping on the internet? Yes, I have done it Never done it 2. Which page do you want to visit for buying product online? Busty Vietnam sq Hothead. Van Other: 3. Have you ever bought products on Busty Vietnam? Yes No 4. Can you rate the information from website of Busty Vietnam? 2 3 4 5 the best Select a value from a range of 1 ,the best, to 5,the worst,. The worst 5.

If you have opportunity to get discount off buying products on Busty Vietnam, do you want to try it I will want to try it I do not believe on discount off Do not everything 6. Which do you buy products from our company Beauty care product Sport equipment Electronic accessories Kitchen appliances Household accessories 7. What do you think we should change to improve Busty Vietnam website (You can write everything what is in your mind) Some charts about the customer’s expectation: 1 . Strengths: Busty Vietnam has 5 strengths and it inherits from the Busty.

It includes Powerful Global Home Product, Strength in Size, Busty Mobile, Cash Cow, Geek Squad. Because of 5 strengths, Busty has confirmed brand on the S-shaped country. Powerful Global Home Product: Busty is one of the most company is succeeded on selling household for everyone from over the world. Therefore, Busty Vietnam inherits all essences from Busty, from the brands to the products quality. Customer will be satisfied with Busty Vietnam. All products from Busty Vietnam always have the evaluation from the old customers so the new customer will see the effective from the products before they buy.

Strength in Size: With powerful in size, Busty totally confirmed them on Vietnam country. They have three 3 headquarters in three big cities such as Ho Chi Mini City, Ad Nag City, Hanoi. Otherwise, they have a lot of outlets in provinces. Busty Vietnam has created 80 percent of its consumers from the outlets. Besides that, they have attracted more than 20 million viewers in one year. Busty Mobile: Busty Vietnam follows the Busty to create plan to get the Busty Mobile to Vietnam. Busty Mobile is growing up by the day.

With three hundreds outlet focus on selling mobile and tablet and devices connecting to the internet is creating income for Busty by day. Cash Cow: With selling products on the internet and on direct television. It has made a lot of money for Busty and it made about 1. 5 million in free Cash flow a year Geek Squad: It is customer services for the customer want to fix their Electronic Computers which they bought from other retailer and it out of warranty. Geek Squad can help customer to ix if their products do not have warranty anymore. And now Geek Squad becomes a reaction force to fix the product quickly. . Weaknesses: Because of some fake retailers, it effects to the Busty Vietnam and it totally makes Busty Vietnam has stuck in attract the attention to the customers. Besides, with appearing competitors competitive fiercely in the market such as SC] TV shopping, 123. Van. In addition, in production progress, some products are not good at quality so it can effect to the Busty brand. 3. Opportunities: With policies of Busty, Busty is advertising on direct television and on the he company or get reasonable prices when they buy products.

Moreover, Busty want to be the best e-shop in Vietnam and it is a goal for Busty want to become succeed. To promotion, Busty has created the brand to become the most successful brand in over the world generally and Vietnam particularly, 4. Threats: A lot of problems are treating to Busty Vietnam: The economic situation in Vietnam are changing by the day with promoting from the world economic, Busty has a lot of competitors to against with them and they have to get thought or being passed thought. The Taxes from the Vietnam policies has effected to Busty such as place, prices and product.

It can make the Busty have to raise the price and lose the customer to other e-shop. For Busty, they will have faced to the problem are popular on selling products on the internet is the fake products and it make company lose human resource, money, time and customers and Busty maybe close some outlets. 4. The use of electronic customer relation marketing: As you see the chart, comparison, the SOOT about shopping online are being popular in Vietnamese and with the development of technology helps buying products online become normal, reasonable, convenient.

Besides that, the chart can show us to know which e-shop is the best for customers and consistent with the cultural, people and lifestyle of Vietnamese. Moreover, with globalization, Busty joined to Vietnam to become a successful e-shop and direct television shopping. Besides, Busty are successful to become the most website selling products on the internet and change the shopping habits of Vietnamese, and these reasons make the economy of Vietnam are growing up day by day.

However, with the Vietnam market, Busty has been fighting with a lot of competitors to get the customers to the company. With Busty, Vietnam market is a big field for growing up on selling product online when the globalization are developing and Busty still growing up from 2002 to 2013 with a lot activities to surprise customers to attract to shopping online. With doing that, it makes Busty become an e-shop have more customers than other e-shop. Although Busty succeed to change shopping habits of Vietnamese.

But Busty has get though hard time and when it is succeed, Busty has confirmed their brand on Vietnam market particularly and over the world generally. Finally, with the successful, Busty has a lot of confusion from customers bout the quality products, customer care or attitude marketing. On the other hand Busty has improved the fail and change policies to get the best things for the customer. With Busty, customer, quality products are the most important. Like their slogan “Quality is our Honor”.

Ill. Conclusion: I think Busty has a lot of opportunities for Vietnam market. Because with fifty years of experiences to sell product on the internet. Besides that, Busty Vietnam also inherits from the Busty to confirm them in Vietnam Busty Vietnam is developing more and more on selling products. So they can reach their goal is become the umber one of the e-shop in Vietnam. Moreover, with the customer’s opinion, Busty Vietnam can improve their quality product and rebind in Vietnam.

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