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They seek for healthy and food safety. Therefore, organic food s Joggling Paratroops product list. In Dalton, some products are exclusively available in Parkinson . ATA Hint canned Hong Kong-styled tea milk is the one of the examples. “Select” or “Busty*’ are parts of the brands owned by Parkinson. Compare with other brands, these products using the lower prices to attract customers. For example, Mainland Tasty Cheddar Cheese is asking $49. 5 for egg while Paratroops owned brand Is asking $32. 9 for the same weight. “Product” includes service.

For convenient customers, Parkinson also provide online shopping and Door to door delivery service. Parkinson launched the “Fresh Check” by repressions food safety and inspection commissioner “Guaranteed Fresh” products. 2. Pence Parkinson Is a successful chain superstore In Hong Kong. It stands on the top of chain superstore in Hong Kong and it abreast with competitor such as Welcome. Base on the Hong Gong’s economy, Parkinson will check and adjust the price regularly whatever Hong Kong suffered from inflation. Facing the competition, the prices will set It lower than others superstores or same to others.

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Parkinson have been promise public that it will offer the economic price to customers in anyway. Parkinson provide case offers to attract customers. Customers can enjoy savings with over 500 multi-buy offers. This way can let the customers buy a big numbers same product In the lower price. Beside the case offers, Parkinson provides another save money way to attract public to shopping there. It Is Buy More save More. As implied by the name, customers can enjoy the Save More scheme if they buy more in the Parkinson. Also, Parkinson launched Moneybags.

Moneybags provides extra savings to members in the form of Moneybags points. Presenting Moneybags card, members earn basic points every time they shop, and earn extra points In attractive offers. These points can then be exchanged for cash vouchers, selected products and merchant coupons. In Dalton, there are recommend Items, weekly offers and every lower price that provided by Parkinson. These all are the promotion way in price to wish customers enjoy their shopping in Parkinson. 3. Place Convenience Is the key to success when selecting suitable locations for supermarkets.

Parkinson has more than 200 stores In Hong Kong. Nearly 80% of approach easily after or before taking MET. Supported with convenient transportation network, accessibility is highly enhanced. For residential area, there re many superstores with fresh vegetables, fish and meat supplied. Housewives nowadays would prefer buying both fresh food and necessities from one location to save time, so Parkinson targets on this group wisely by offering fresh supplies at a fair price or even lower price than wet markets.

In addition, they even get into universities successfully. They set up branches in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Students usually do not have many choices when they need to do some shopping in supermarket every week. Now they can buy everything they need from a supermarket downstairs or lose to their hostels. Therefore, it is obvious that the locations of branches are well selected and convenient, so customers can easily reach them for daily necessities. 4. Rumination The major promotion way to attract new customer and keep the current customer are through advertising from TV, Internet, Newspaper and magazine or Radio. Parkinson invite the famous actor to promote the new goods and discount of the goods through the Television. The advertisement uses lively and interesting way to introduce discounts and new products to impress the audience in order to attract viewers to Parkinson shopping. Also in Paratroops website, it will remind the customers which goods are having discount this week and Parkinson will put the coupons on the website.

Customers can print it out and use it when they shopping in Parkinson. The latest promotion of Parkinson was Lucky Draw. When customers consume 88 Hong Kong dollars in Parkinson, they can have once chance for Lucky Draw. This can increase customers shopping mood in Parkinson. This promotion has been advertised on television and uploaded to the website of Parkinson. Through watching TV and exploring the website, public can get the more information about the Lucky Draw. 5. Physical evidence In order to hope customers having a comfortable shopping Journey, Parkinson provide a good environment to customers.

First, staffs who are working in Parkinson will wear uniform that can make it easier for customers to identify. Also wearing a uniform can show a professional image to others. Second, there is adequate lighting in every Parkinson. It is not only can let customers find their wants easily, but also make customers more willing to stay longer in Parkinson. Last but not least, it is clear in every Parkinson. There is no debris is placed on a passageway. Therefore, customer can enjoy their shopping in safety.

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