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My Beauty Diary will have promote activates with health club, local beauty organization and local retailer stores. Connect with local industry is a good way to entry the new market, because this will help companies eliminate some barriers. Third, by the end of year three, achieve 20% of hares through internet. With the development of the online shopping, more and more consumers would Like to choose Internet as a shopping channel. My Beauty Diary as a skin care product can follow the other skin care products’ sale method to achieve the market share.

All in all, these objectives are reasonable and realistic. Mask industry as a growth industry in Indonesia gives My Beauty Diary a chance to entry and enable its market performance will be as good as other mask brands in several years. Marketing mix strategies There are mixed variety of methods that marketers can use to make their marketing treated. Marketing strategy not only a way to helps companies to expand their market, but also a way to let them entry the oversea.

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In this study, we will use product & brand strategy, service strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy and promotional mix strategy and rationale for My Beauty Diary to entry the Indonesian Product & brand strategy Product is the tangible product that a company offers. My Beauty Diary product is mask. This kind of products is very popular during the years. Indonesian’ skin care industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Especially mask industry has a good reference in the past five years and it shows a growth trends until 2013. There are many ways for My Beauty Diary to branding their products.

First, My beauty Diary can positioning their brand as when customer need skin care, they will choose My beauty Diary priority. The unique and sustainable characteristics for My Beauty Diary is low price with high quality and suitable for the Asia skin. This positioning is a good way to communicate with the customers. Second, build a brand story to eliminate the distance between customers and retailer. A brand story can help customers trust this brand. Third, use media as a good channel to create brand awareness, such as TV advertisement, radio, newspaper and internet.

With the development of the information high way, individual would like to shop on the internet. Because shopping on the internet is more convenient, cheaper and time saving. My Beauty Diary can use internet to built brand awareness. This is not only a way to save costs, but also a way to gain more market and decrease the distance between consumers and retailers. The last, My Beauty Diary can prove the service, because this can create brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is the fundamental strategy for the brand strategy.

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