Applying Technology to Education Assignment

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Nowadays technology is everywhere, from a computer to even an electric toothbrush, so it has became an important Issue for Instructors or teachers to bear In mind. However, some people might argue that technology is Just a waste of money and time but in fact, if used correctly, technology can help to Improve the teaching/ learning process in several ways, leading from primary school to university.

In the first place, teachers can make their classes more practical and Interactive; In ensconce, pupils enjoy their classes and learn more. Traditional classes can be reinforced so as to Involve students In learning. Showing videos and teleprocessing Is Just one way of doing this. Just Imagine how wonderful could be learning geography while Visiting’ all the different countries using Google Street Viewer or to enrich your English writing skills by enameling essays to a native English speaker.

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In addition to the methods used in the classroom, teachers can complement their lasses with extra practice from the net such as educational games and quizzes and they can also receive assignments from their students via email. In the second place, the use of technology helps students to develop extra skills. In high school, students are taught how to manage the different sources of information and combine them in order to learn more and be prepared for university. Sometimes, the sources of information are not reliable since even a kid can share information online.

For this reason, is important to recognize what is trusty and what is not. Sing technology also allows the students to gain technological competence, which will help them when applying for a job in the future. Having basic survival skills such as typing ad sending emails, among others, is a priority since nowadays almost every kind of job requires technological knowledge. From the information given, we can see how applying technology to education in order to improve the educational system might be beneficial. Elf we use the technological resources properly, we can build a better future.

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