Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Assignment

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But when we look at the backside of the latest technology, we find that we have made these technology for our destruction if wrongly used by wrong people. ; With the advancement in the field of latest technology, we have to face many disadvantages out of the benefit of modern technology such as stress factor, hectic life, fear of nuclear war, cyber crime and high growth of eye disease, increase of body weight and new transportation technology * 2. The Disadvantages of Cell Phenomenological in the Workplace * Many times it leads to miss deadlines or put in extra hours to complete projects on time.

Cell phone communication, both in the form of personal calls and work-related calls, in the workplace may disrupt an employees work. Workflow Disruption * However, it is not typically possible for small business owners to monitor traditional land-line network is relatively simple. 4. Monitoring * This can increase employee stress, reducing the ability of employees to manage work tasks effectively. It can be difficult for an employee to enjoy time away from work when her duties spill over into family, social and rest time.

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Employees who receive work-related calls outside of normal work hours, whether on a company-provided phone or a personal cell phone, may feel an imbalance between their work and personal lives. 5. Balance Between Work and Life * This can create workplace discord and increase the need for employee discipline. They may also send communications, pictures and videos that the recipient finds offensive or unprofessional. Employees who have access to other employees cell phone numbers may use cellular communication to send harassing texts, emails and instant messages. 6.

Harassment * 7. E-Maillot MANY EMAILS, YOU TAKE IT FOR GRANTED, EVEN IMPORTANT ONES * 8. You should check your e-mails mordents. I fired you over three weeks ago * Organizing and reading through emails can also eat up a great deal of time and prove a hindrance on worker radioactivity. Sometimes the message is better communicated over the telephone or directly. 9. Time Consuming * It does not matter if the email is sent accidentally or deliberately, the harm is the same. Sensitive information can be easily shared and distributed within a business through email. 10.

Security * It can make customers or employees forget there are people involved in the transaction, which can affect customer service. While email can be faster, the meaning of the message is often lost in the text. Al. Impersonal Communication * In addition, email is filled with abbreviations and short descriptions, which can often be misunderstood and/or interpreted the wrong way. Pronouns and popular Jargon can lead to conflict in emails. 12. Misunderstanding * 13. The Disadvantages of Communicating Through Social Networking Sites * Confidential information can be easily forwarded and cannot be reverted back.

People often compile messages quickly without realizing how they will be construed. Secondly, employees are facing the language problem bozo they are now used to modern short forms biz. LOL, LAMA, OMG, U, IQ, MM, etc. When you chat with someone on the internet, you do not have face to face contact. Therefore, you can not understand other’s feelings. 14. * 15. Over Use of Technology leads to Complexity of Communication * 16. EVEN COMMUNICATION CAN GIVE UP Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Advances by Lynda Mallory Belcher, Demand Media There are drawbacks to the many advances made in the field of technology.

Related Articles * Advantages ; Disadvantages of Innovative Technology * The Benefits of Advances in Technology * Advantages ; Disadvantages of Using Computer Technology in Decision Making * The Advantages of Using Technology for Employment Advantages ; Disadvantages of Buying New Technology * Advantages ; Disadvantages of a Customer Market Survey in Forecasting Technology to advances in technology across almost all sectors, it may seem as though it’s a misnomer to even mention any disadvantages of technological advances.

However, despite how far technology has taken humans and no matter how convenient it may make things, there are some disadvantages accompanying this level of access. Sponsored Link Virtual Smile Design Send your Photo and See your Smile Experienced Dentist Affordable Price countersignatures. In/Cosmetic_Dentist Advantage: Great Discoveries In All Industries Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results. For example, education has been greatly advanced by the technological advances of computers.

Students are able to learn on a global scale without ever leaving their classrooms. Agricultural processes that once required dozens upon dozens of human workers can now be automated, thanks to advances in technology, which means cost-efficiency for farmers. Medical discoveries occur at a much more rapid rate, thanks to machines and computers that aid in the research recess and allow for more intense educational research into medical matters. Disadvantage: Dependency The more advanced society becomes technologically, the more people begin to depend on computers and other forms of technology for everyday existence.

This means that when a machine breaks or a computer crashes, humans become almost disabled until the problem is resolved. This kind of dependency on technology puts people at a distinct disadvantage, because they become less self-reliant. Advantage: Cost Efficiency Cost efficiency is an advantage in some ways and a disadvantage in others. As genealogy improves on existing processes and showcases new ways to accomplish tasks, machines are able to produce the same if not more output than humans in certain industries.

This results in cost savings for business owners, allowing them to invest in growth in other areas of the business, which contributes on a positive level to the economy as a whole. Disadvantage: Less Value In Human Workers At the same time, human workers retain less value, which is a disadvantage of technological advances. Because machines automate processes and do the work of 10 people with one computer, companies find they don’t need to employ as many people to get the Job done.

As machines and computers become even more advanced and efficient, this will continue to be a growing disadvantage of technology and an issue that has a global impact. Sponsored Links Disadvantages of technology in our life Ads by Google Keynesian Camera @ RSI. 2490 www. Indiscriminateness. Com BIBB, 3. PM HAD Camera, Free Memory Card Reader. COD. Buy Now! Unbelievable Technology Spying on you Disadvantage of Technology Hidden camera We have stepped into the 21st century and the world has given us some unbelievable technology that sometimes it seems to be a dream.

But when we look at the backside f the latest technology, we find that we have made these technologies for our destruction if wrongly used by the wrong people. If the people of the world use these technologies in a right way, we all are going to be benefited out of it , but if the motive of a human being is not positive, he can enter your extreme privacy by misusing the technology and hiding it in the camera to en-cash it for money when the time comes for him and hiding it in the camera to en-cash it for money when the time comes for him.

Here I am talking about some of the worst phases of the technology we do have like a violation of your privacy by someone unknown to you. With the advancement in latest technology, we have to face many disadvantages out of the benefit of modern technology such as a stress factor, hectic life, fear of nuclear war, cyber crime and high growth of eye disease, increase of body weight and new transportation technology which has brought pollution and congestion in major cities.

As we all know that we have entered an era of new/ modern technology world which is equipped with super technology software through which we can work without employing person power. On the other side, a new technology invented by the scientists have armed them with a technology which can destroys a city in seconds with mere pushing of a button. Similarly, the advance technology’s created thousand of cases of cyber crimes, cheating and fraud which is making our life likes hell.

Beside it is driving our children towards the danger somewhere they are getting materials which are harmful for them. But despite knowing the side affects of these technologies, we are now making ourselves fully dependent on it. May be someone watching you in the bathroom, washroom, trial room or your bedroom. Young girls living in the cities where these kind of advanced technology are readily available are mostly effected and the fear is taking place in them adversely. We never knew such technology will harm us in this way.

Whereas after witnessing so many incidents of this nature on TV , newspapers and magazines , we have come to an end that anyone can enter your privacy anytime he wants and violate our rights without our notice. We should know this crime and some of the provisions of relief existing in the law of the land to fight this particular harassment . One of the girl knew me is the victim of this crime. She is young , beautiful and educated and working with a NC. She is running under great fear and never goes outside home alone for shopping or personal work.

Her state of mind is totally detained by the fear. She has come across one of the worst part of her life. We have noticed that in the last few years the incident of sending objectionable pictures through MS or social website have been tremendously increased. The crime against women are still on the rise and the big cities like Delhi is more than 70% unsafe for women. Recently one of incident occurred in one of the call centers in Surgeon, Harlan where one spy camera was protested it. Who corresponding for this crime? A big question to be answered .

Similar incident came into light long back in Pane where a spy camera was fitted in he swimming pool’s ladies changing room. Two men and a woman was arrested for this crime. Likewise in 2002 , some of the working girls staying in the rented accommodation in Delhi complained that the landlord had installed a hidden camera in the ladies bathroom. These incidents reveal that how much the modern gadgets can be misused and to what extent ? For Invasion of Privacy , there are provisions in the Indian Penal Code for relief to the victims: like Sec 441, 453, 500 and Sec 509 which provide imprisonment of one year and more to the accused.

The victim can also lodge complaint on Police helpline. If the police does not cooperate in registering the case, the complaint can be lodged through a Magistrate of that area. If the place of the incident is in the area of Gobo. [Private offices, the complaint of sexual harassment or violation of rights on self privacy can be made by senior officers, management and in -charge as the case may be. Safety tips When you are in the trial room and looking at mirror place your fingertip on the mirror. If you find gaps among your fingers and its shadow, it shows that it is a mirror. If no gap is visible among fingertip and its shadow it means it’s a two way error and somebody from other end can easily watch to capture your image. Check out my other Hubs 1 . Account hacking and privacy issues. 2. Advantage of maintaining privacy of your PC. Technologies that may be useful if not misused HOW TO STOP SPASM -Install spasm filters. Maxilla’s Thunderbird or Apple’s Mail come with built-in spasm filters. Invest time in G-Mail to recognize unwanted e-mails addresses and keywords. -Avoid opening unsolicited e-mail. Do not click on them.

Doing this gives the spammed a signal that the e-mail account is active. -Use multiple e-mail addresses. Avoid using your personal e-mail address for official purposes. -Spammed scan through websites,and look out for @ symbol. Use the word ‘attain your e-mail address instead. -Beware of ads offering free gift promotions and sign-in contests. Spammed use this ploy to copy your contact list. -Do not write your e-mail address in paper forms at banks or other companies . Most not only send you spam but also sell the address to third parties.

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Looking at a list of the advantages and disadvantages of technology is useful because it provides a means by which an individual may assess whether technology implementation is worth potential risks. Other People Are Reading * The Disadvantages of Modern Technology * The Importance of Modern Technology 1. Efficiency and Productivity * An increase in technology generally means that tasks are completed faster and more efficiently. This translates to increased productivity. From the business standpoint, this is definitely an advantage, since increased productivity means better sales, services or manufacturing. Job Loss * When an organization uses technology properly, the technology typically cuts the number of hours that need to be worked.

This increases profit for the organization because it doesn’t need to pay workers to remain on the Job site. However, if the technology cuts the number of hours drastically enough, some individuals may lose their Jobs entirely because the technology essentially completes the tasks that the employee originally did. Factories are the best example of this—as more and more robots complete assembly line tasks in an automated way, there’s less of a need for physical workers. According to Small Business Bible, Jobs are created by technology too, such as information technology specialist positions. Sponsored Links Microsoft Excel Your Complete Office in the Cloud. Learn More About Office 365 Now. Office. Mom/ Excel Finances * It is debatable whether or not technology is financially a disadvantage or advantage. On one hand, technology is cost effective, according to Small Business Bible—technology may boost revenue and profit through increased efficiency, productivity and limited man hours. However, a business may lose this revenue and profit simply because they have to support and update all of the technology they use. For example, a business may reduce the number of office employee hours with a mindful of software programs, but it then may have to pay a technology consultant fees for installing and answering questions about how to use the programs. Personal Touch * Norris A.

Mermen, managing director of NM Marketing Communications, says that having a personal touch in business is beneficial. When an organization uses technology to an excessive degree (e. G. , when most operations are automated, more machines are used than employees, the majority of employees are in tech support, or everyone is required to use phones, computers, etc. ), it may lose the personal appeal it had. Others may shy away from the organization because they want to do business or communicate with a real person and not a machine. Precision * Technology means that people can perform tasks with an incredibly high amount of oxygen a person is taking in or make an incision to within millimeters. Health * Technology may cause numerous health problems.

For example, according to Practice, Medical News Today, PR Log and Pontoon, scientists, researchers and doctors such as Diaries Lackawanna, Thomas Philips, Amy Drencher and Charles Pontoon are concerned about the links between technology, obesity/heart problems, ye strain, deafness and muscle issues. Waste from technology such as the used fuel and emissions from factory machines may pollute the environment, disturbing ecosystems and making people sick. Sponsored Links Read more: http://www. Owe. Com/list_6329800_advantages-disadvantages-modern- technology. HTML#ixzz2ZfscNYYJ Answer There are so many advantages and disadvantages of modern technology. The good thing is it is easier to get things done. The downside is that it has made people very lazy. What is the Disadvantage of Technology in Business? There are many different types of advantages to technology in business.

However there is still one major disadvantage to technology in business. The main disadvantage is that if the power goes out or the computer crashes. This results in your not being able to use those types of technology for a period of time and you also may lose some information. Four Advantages and disadvantages of technologies and gadgets Four Advantages and disadvantages of technologies and gadgets Article by Rodney Gordon It is quite impossible to think of a life without technologies and gadgets. Technology can be defined as a process with the help of which human beings modify nature in order to meet their growing needs. Technology leads to innovations and inventions and one such invention is gadgets.

There are so many varieties of gadgets that are designed to suit human needs. But the questions is, are there only advantages or there are disadvantages as well. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using new gadgets and technologies. Advantages of technologies and gadgets: The advantages of new technologies and gadgets are discussed in the following lines. 1 . Higher profit: New technologies can benefit your business in a number of ways. You can get higher profits as new technologies increase work efficiency, which in turn, increases productivity. Moreover, fewer work forces are needed as new technologies can automate the work thus reducing the costs more. 2.

Fast access to information: You can get quick access to information with the help of computer and internet, two of the most popular technology and gadget in the present times. The ‘search engines’ on the internet help you find information on any topic that you’re letters in order to communicate with people staying far away. Nowadays, you can send e-mails and you get the reply within minutes. Moreover, you can also take help of ‘chat rooms’ to meet new people as well as to stay in touch with your old friends. 4. Speed up work: There are so many gadgets that help to speed up work. Right from household chores to office work, there are gadgets with the help of which you can increase your work efficiency. It helps you to do quite a number of things in relatively less time.

Disadvantages of technologies and gadgets: The disadvantages of new technologies and gadgets are discussed below – 1 . Online fraud: When you use internet for online transactions, there is always a possibility of being a victim of online fraud. As for example, impostors may steal your credit card information and use them for their own monetary gain. 2. Dependency on gadgets: People are becoming mechanical as they are getting more and dependent on gadgets. Nowadays, human beings cannot do a simple work without taking help of a gadget. 3. Integrating new technology: It is often difficult to take a business related decision about whether to buy the latest technology or wait for some new invention.