The Internet : advantages and disadvantages Assignment

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Mankind has had a great development in the field of communication industry by Invention of the Internet. It is the worldwide connection of computers through the network. It is used for online communication by means of email, online videos and audios. We can find lots of information by searching it in Google which Is a famous searching site. Besides we can access to different sites which some of them are useful for our Jobs, our studies and our hobbles. We can use the Internet to continue our education.

People can participate In virtual Unlversltles via the Internet which Is a good and reasonable way of online education In order to save time for those who are working. We can do shopping online and order what we want In a few minutes. But we cannot trust all of online shopping sites provldlng us pay online with our credit card and there may be some hackers. So there are some advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet. At first, the Internet Is a place for accessing and finding the latest and therefore, the most up-to-date – Information on any ubject.

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Students use the Internet to find information about their projects, and researches. They use it to do their homeworks when their teachers give assignments that require sending them via email, especially for the students of virtual universities. The virtual university students need to participate in online classes and they can download the video of the class so they can access to the classes anytime and anyplace via the Internet connection. Also we can use online dictionaries and libraries. If we had to keep going to the Library every five days to get ourselves up to date on a subject, we would quickly tire of it.

The Internet can be used in terms of communication with others from all over the world via sending emails, connecting chat rooms and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on. For many users especially children, the Internet is a place for entertainment. Playing online games and downloading movies and music are some of their hobbies in their free time. In conditions when you dont want to spend more time for doing shopping, you can earch for valid online shopping websites then find what you want to buy and order it.

They will deliver your order. In spite of these mentioned benefits of using the Internet, there are some disadvantages too. The most important and harmful disadvantage of using Internet in online shopping and sharing our personal Information with other people ,whowe may not know, Is theft of personal Information. If we use the Internet, our personal Information such as our name, address, credit card and other information can be accessed by hackers or those nknown people who we became friend with.

Today people are spending most of their time on the Internet to suffering, connecting with people, watching online movies, playing games and downloading software all day long, so It Is possible for us to become addicted to the Internet. Due to this addlctlon usage of Internet and virtual world of easy and convenient communication, people spend less time with their families and real friends. It Is very harmful for famllles because they probably keep away from each other.

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