Advantages of using the internet Assignment

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Nowadays, the Internet plays an important part in our lives. It is a useful Invention that has brought us a lot of advantages in many ways such as communication, Information sources and in the field of entertainment. Therefore, It is certainly that the Internet has more advantages than disadvantages. First, the Internet plays a significant role in the world of communication. This Is because the Internet give us an easy and fast way to communicate with others such as Skype, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Besides that, the Internet also helps us save a lot of time as our massage can e delivered In Just a few seconds. So, we do not need to go to the post office to post a letter to contact our family or friends. Other than that, the Internet also enables us to get a lot of Information In a simple way. We Just need to type a word In a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to get the Information such as business, education, science and entertainment. student can use the Information to complete their assignment or project. In other words, the Internet helps student in their learning process.

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Apart from that, the Internet also plays an important role in the field of ntertainment. For example, we can download songs, watching sports and play games via Internet. We also can download movies and watch them by just sitting in front of computer instead of going to cinema. So, we can entertain ourselves via Internet which is an inexpensive way. In a nutshell, using the Internet is the best way for communication, getting information and entertainment which is giving us a lot of facilities. It can be used for good or bad things. Internet has many advantages and disadvantages which are depend on how people use it.

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