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This question is not referring to the online tutorials found on the Phoenix/Ixia site. True/False 11) MY instructor for this course routinely runs my submissions through the Ixia plagiarism checker. The report they get back is more thorough than the report a student gets. The instructor can see a comparison not only to internet publications, but also to previous student’s submissions to Ixia. (hint – the correct answer is: True) True/ False 12) Wisped is an acceptable source of information for this course. 1 3) Psychologically. Com is an acceptable source of information for this course. 4) Dictionaries (online or hard copy) are appropriate sources to cite when completing submissions for this specific college level course. 15) When I write a submission, it is k for my submission to mostly be paraphrase of work someone else has done (whether it be information from our text, internet sites, or papers created by others) as long as I paraphrase/reword the majority AT tenet sentences. Read the following excerpt from our psychology textbook (Please note that for the purposes of this assignment, the excerpts are shown exactly as they appear in the text.

I have added the normal marks one would add when quoting information as your Job is to show how you would use the information in a submission): It is tempting to conclude that something about the modern world is responsible for hose many emotional problems?perhaps rapid technological change, the growing threat of terrorism, or a decline in religious, family, or other support systems (Comer ; Kendall, 2007). Although the pressures of modern life probably do contribute to psychological dysfunction, they are hardly its primary cause.

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Every society, past and present, has witnessed psychological abnormality. Perhaps, then, the proper place to begin our examination of abnormal behavior and treatment is in the past. It would be easy to conclude that changes in the modern world of today are wholly expansible for the varied emotional difficulties we see these days. Could technology have something to do with emotional problems; we no longer talk, we text, we post on Backbone instead of visiting. Technology is a wonderful tool but I believe it has distanced us from each other and for many it makes them ever more of a loner than they were before.

But we cannot blame technology for all the emotional problems in the world any more than we can blame video games for every violent act that is committed by children. There is not one culture on Earth, bygone and present-day, hat have not seen their share of psychological abnormalities. It has been said that we learn from our past, therefore we should take a closer look at the psychological problems of the past to find the answers for those problems today. (Patsy Gravity, 2013) Answer the following (pick the correct letter for each): 16) Which of the following is the correct way for a student to use the following sentence in a submission: A.

Every society, past and present, has witnessed psychological abnormality. B. “Every society, past and present, has witnessed psychological abnormality” (Comer, 2011). C. Every society, past and present, has witnessed psychological abnormality. ” D. Every society, past and present, has witnessed psychological abnormality (Comer, 2011). The next issue concerns the use of secondary citations. Based on the following excerpt from our text, answer question 17. Meanwhile, an English Quaker named William Take (1732-1819) was bringing similar reforms to northern England.

In 1796 he founded the York Retreat, a rural estate where about 30 mental patients lived as guests in quiet country houses and were treated with a combination of rest, talk, prayer, and manual work (Charlatan, 2007). 7) A correct way to cite this secondary source of information would be: According to Canaan, ten York Retreat tutelage work, anon prayer to treat mental patients (2007). B. Charlatan (2007) notes that prayer and manual labor were used to treat mental patients at the York Retreat (Comer, 2011). C. According to Charlatan, mental patients at the York Retreat were treated with mind, body and soul methods.

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