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Plagiarism Essay Plagiarism has become a world problem in everyday life. There are many different kinds of plagiarism that people do everyday. It is a very bad thing to do because you could get in trouble for it. “Plagiarism is an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own, as by not crediting the original author” (Tolerance. Com).

There are many steps to avoiding plagiarism such as using something new and original instead of making everything the same and using other people’s work. If you are going to plagiarism you can at least give credit to your researcher and not Just completely steal their work, word for word. You can also rely on experts or authorities for opinions but improve upon their opinion or create your own based off of theirs. There can be many ways that teachers will find plagiarism In your essays or papers. One way that they can do It is by Just searching a phrase from your essay In Google and see if a similar phrase comes up in the results.

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Another way you can check to find plagiarism in an essay is by sitting down with that student and see how much they actually know about there own paper. Plagiarism in many schools is just a zero or an F on that assignment. In other schools or colleges it is much more serious. For example at Yale University, plagiarism Is a form of theft or a breach of honesty In the academic community. Also some colleges might place you In probation, suspend or expel you from school, or you could lose your degree. There are many forms of plagiarism such as your basic copy and paste.

Other forms include buying papers from someone, hiring someone too write for you, or turning in your friend’s own work. There have been many famous cases of plagiarism throughout the years. For example, Barack Obama was accused of popularizing Massachusetts governor Devil Patriot’s speech in 2008. He was said to use some of his quotes and used many similar phrases. After people assuming that he stole from his speech he made a public announcement saying that they worked on the speech together but he still apologizes for not giving him credit.

I think plagiarism is a very rude thing to do because you are Just completely taking someone else’s Idea and using It as your own. I think everyone’s work should be accounted for especially people who worked very hard on something. I’m glad schools have actually done something about plagiarism instead of letting everyone do it. Some schools might go overboard with there rules but it is probably needed to make sure students don’t do it. People should read websites to actually know what plagiarism is and learn the consequences of their actions when they are popularizing someone.

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