Nutrition, Ambition, Competition Assignment

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Nutrition, Ambition, Competition We all do it; for money, for reputation, for popularity. Being competitive is completely natural and, in most cases; it is what keeps you going as a person. Sometimes you have those couple of people that completely deny that they are competitive. Why? Oh right, because you definitely don’t care that you did not get an A on that test, or that “the other guy’ got a promotion and you didn’t. Whether it is grades, promotions, or sports competition is all around us. As I said before, it is natural to have it.

In my opinion, it’s healthy because without competition in our society, people wouldn’t strive to be where they are. Because of competition, people tend to try harder, so that they can say that they are better at something than another person. Everyone has those one or two activities they do to keep their mind off of something stressful. Most people, I think, would choose some sort of competitive hobby to do. Stress stays in the back of your mind and can keep building up unless you somehow resolve it. Competition, like playing a sport, can help relieve that stress.

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I know when you hear “sport” you automatically think about being stressed to win. I’m referring to stutters, and according to Teens Health, “Stutters is the good type of stress that stems from the challenge of taking part in something that you enjoy but have to work hard for. Stutters pumps you up, providing a healthy spark for any task you undertake. ” Playing a game of soccer or a match of tennis will help you focus on something other than that stressful workload. It helps even more if you win that game or match because that meaner you were involved in the sport more than anything.

Competition can bring out the bad side of people. You know, yelling, screaming, ND swearing at the TV while watching a silly sport like football. That is when people think being competitive is bad. They say, “It turns you into a monster. ” Well, everyone does it in some form! It is that competitive side we all have. If anything, sports would be no fun to watch or even play if you did not get mad at least for a little bit. No competition would mean you couldn’t even cheer for the team that you like. Yes, even cheering for a team meaner that you are competitive. I bet some people did not think about it like that.

Okay, let’s say you aren’t that person that screams like freak at an inanimate abject. That most likely would be someone like my mother. Even people like her have things to be competitive about other than sports. If you seriously do not know, then you may be clueless. They may have substantial Jobs, and their position in that work field is most likely high. How did they get there? I’m 98% sure it was not handed to these employees on a silver platter. They worked their butt off for it, and most likely started at the bottom. To do this, employees also had to compete with other coworkers who wanted that position Just as much as they did.

Inventions and new incepts of thinking definitely would not have evolved without competition in the picture. Competitors push businessmen, entrepreneurs, and inventors to do what they do best: come up with ways to strive ahead of everyone else. In Allan Willow’s article, he writes that “… It brings the best out of you. It makes me continue to change and improve. It’s amazing how many new ideas you can come up with thanks to the competition. If there was no competition then half these ideas would never come to the surface. ” Competition urges a person to keep trying, to keep thinking of ways to cake society better.

If the great business people and inventors of today had not been pushed to brainstorm to the extreme, technology would probably be less high tech. Copy machines wouldn’t be able to send an email of a document with a push of a button. AMP players, pods and cell phones wouldn’t have touch screens. Videotapes wouldn’t have wireless controllers. There are so many things that have been improved overtime thanks to competition and great masterminds that came up with these incredible ideas. Competition offers many advantages to people of all ages including children, teens ND adults.

It helps people grow in many areas and discover new talents. Brad Forum emphasizes the values of competition as being “Teamwork, respect for others, school spirit, and many other benefits… ” Competition offers healthy growth and change to any variety of people. Forum also stresses that, “Competition challenges young people to try good things that they may never have tried otherwise. In many cases students uncover skills that they never knew they had… ” This is another idea I completely agree with because when trying something new, there might be a chance you are good at it.

It is truly an amazing feeling going in there and being good at something that can become a regular hobby. Competition is healthy and comes in many forms. It can take peoples’ stress and put it aside far awhile. It is as simple as cheering for a favorite team. It drives employees and workers to achieve greatness for themselves. It drives inventors and other geniuses to accomplish eminent success for others in society. It offers optimistic benefits to individuals. The list goes on and on. It’s simple; competition is great in any way, shape or form. Be competitive. There will be positive results, I guarantee it.

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