Anon International Business Assignment

Anon International Business Assignment Words: 344

This Individual assignment represents 25% of your total course grade. Objective To provide a clear and cohesive understanding of International marketing To enhance research skills of students for the real international market. To involve theories and concepts of International marketing to a real life situations faced by companies TASK: You are an International Business Advisor for a foreign manufacturing company that

Intends to establish a subsidiary operation in Malaysia. Part of the reason why they wish to set up in Malaysia Is that they Intend to reach the regional South East Aslant market for their product. You have visited the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MAIDA) and need to write a report on how they can set up their operations In Malaysia, and market wealth the South East Asian Region. You are free to pick a company of your choice. Your report must be very specific and strategic. You may make assumptions where necessary, provided that they are backed up with Justifications.

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REPORT STRUCTURE Cover page and name 1 OFF Executive Summary Introduction Objectives Issues Conclusions and recommendations Appendix References (minimum 10, Harvard-style) Submission information Report: 2,400 words Typed; Times New Roman 12, spacing 1. 5, Justify, insert page numbers and header/ footer. Binding and neat Cover page with name and signature Deadline for report submission is scheduled class time in Week 9 Students who submit the assignment later than the deadline date will be penalized 10 percent from the total marks awarded for the first day and 5 percent per day thereafter.

Weekend or public holiday counts as one day). Late submission after the date of the Board of Studies (ASS) meeting will not be accepted. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Your work will be scanned using plagiarism detecting software. Paraphrase every sentence. Use Harvard referencing. A softly of your report is required. Marking criteria Items Criteria Grade % Relevance and depth of research materials used as evidence of background reading. 20 2. Critical analysis and evaluation of the issues – linking the issues in the task to the relevant underpinning theory and business models

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