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PERFORMANCE DIAGNOSIS The following are descriptions of three different employees. Describe the potential causes of poor performance in each case. For each potential cause, identify appropriate solutions to enhance performance. 1. Carl Spackler is the assistant greens keeper at Bushwood Country Club. Over the past few months, members have been complaining that gophers are destroying the course and digging holes in the greens. Although Carl has been working evenings and weekends to address the situation, the problem persists.

Unfortunately, his boss is interested only in results, and because the gophers are still there, he contends that Carl is not doing his job. 2. Susan Griswold works in research and development for a chemical company that makes non-nutritive food additives. Her most recent assignment has been the development of a nonstick aerosol cooking spray, but the project is way behind schedule and seems to be going nowhere. CEO Frank Shirley is decidedly upset and has threatened that if things 3.

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Bonnie Molly is the host of a local television talk show called Morning Chicago. Although she is a talented performer and comedienne, Bonnie has an unacceptable record affected the quality of the show. On several occasions, Bonnie was unprepared when the show went on the air. Bellows has concluded that Bonnie is not a morning person and has thought about replacing her with a different host. Case Source: Snell, S. , and Bohlander, G. (2010). Principles of Human Resource Management, 15th Edition. (pp. 401-402). Australia: South-Western Cenage Learning

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