Group Dynamics Assignment

Group Dynamics Assignment Words: 299

Section B Institute of Business Administration, university of Dacha Our group for the Organizational Behavior assignment was selected by Honorary MISS, our course instructor for Organizational Behavior. Though this was a formal group, the fact that we had previously worked together and that the allotted time was Limited meant that the group development processes took place quickly and the norms were already established to a great degree. All of us Joined In the group discussions which was a good way to solve group conflicts.

The work was delved according to Individual expertise and we were sub-delved Into groups; I had to work with another member on relating the motivational theories with the leader’s behavior while two other members worked on the leadership style aspects of the report. Then, the separate works of the sub-groups were compiled the by the 5 member. There was no distinct leader in our group because we were homogeneous and of the same level of experience. Therefore it can be seen there was no distinct forming, morning and storming phases. But this did not have any negative impact on our performance.

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Dustman’s Model of our team’s development is detailed in the table below: Stage Explanation Forming The team was formed by the instructor. Storming Subject of the assignment was chosen. Roles of the members were decided upon. Morning Members got to know each other properly. Performing All the members did what they were assigned to do. Discussion about the assignment stopped after its completion. This great opportunity allowed us to relate how the theories we were taught in class were applicable in life. Hopefully, we will be fortunate enough to be able to recognize situations where we would have to apply these theories in our futures too.

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