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It is extremely important to set objective goals and track deadlines for a successful achievement of any task. As a new campus recruiter for ABC Inc, Carl Robins is responsible hire 15 people to start working for Monica Carrolls by July and coordinate the new hire orientation which includes build a training schedule, organize and schedule an orientation training, prepare manuals and make sure drugs examinations are done by trainees.

It is clear that Carl Robins is worry about not accomplishing effectively his responsibility of coordinate the new hire orientation to make possible the new hires start working in July. Background Procrastination is the main reason for Carl Robins had panicked in the end of May when realized that right after schedule the orientation for June 15th he should have made a check list of all tasks that the assignment involves and made sure to build and follow a chronogram.

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It is clear that the reason why Carl Robins has not finished his task yet and is worry about not finishing on time is because he didn’t start working on his task when it was given to him. Specially for being his first task in that company he should have analyzed all tasks and communicated with all departments involved. Probably he didn’t think about it ahead, he thought everything was set up from the prior responsible and that was the mistake. He trusted something he didn’t know. The Calgary, Alberta-based academic claims procrastinators generally are not lazy but don’t know how not to put things off”(Watson, 2007, p. 82). Being organized gives you more time to focus on what is more important. Assigning the proper importance to tasks takes a clear mind and discipline. It helps to have a good sequencing system to prioritize each subject your main task involves. Key Problems Carl Robins has been in this job for six months only and this is his firs effort.

Since he has never done that in this company before one of his mistakes is to not search for the way the company does the orientation. He should have contact coworkers to know better what the company expects from him. At the same time, knowing that Robins is fairly new, Monica should have advised him specifically about what she was expecting from him, even though she contact him with one month in advance, plenty time for make he do something about it.

After Monica contact Robins on May 15th, and since he assured her that everything was going to be ready on time, Robins didn’t make sure the manuals and policy booklets were updated, fully correct and ready to be given to the new employees and he didn’t reserve the orientation room for the scheduled date, finding out later that the room was reserved for the whole month of June by Joe, from technology services, for a computer training seminar about the new database software implementation..

Also he wasn’t aware of the physical drug tests procedures and he realized they trainees should be sent to the clinic for the drug screen and none of them had been sent by the time. Alternatives The scheduled orientation should happen in 15 days and since Robin is really delayed in his tasks he can directly talk to Monica about the situation. They could both work out the best solution for this case, although this would show her irresponsibility from his part.

He must first contact the clinic to find a possibility of expedite the drug test and make they happen by June 15th, as well as he must contact all trainees to send they to the clinic right away. Meanwhile, he has to work in update the manuals and booklets to present the new forms to Monica and then explain her that they had missing pages and show her he put work on that. Than, they would discuss together the manuals and booklets and she will help him with that.

Doing that he is not showing irresponsibility since he is a new employee and it is not his fault if the manuals were incomplete. His fault would be not checking that with time ahead. Also he ought to find a new room for the event and to do so he must contact other departments to search for another place for the event. Proposed Solution All mistakes in this case happened because Robin didn’t organize and prioritize his task. After scheduling an event, the first step consists in make a list with all responsibilities this task involves and put up deadlines for each one.

It is really important to prioritize the acts as well. You can separate items into A, B and C priorities. “A” items are important to your long-term success, “B” may be urgent but not as important, and “C” are those that would be nice to do if you get the time. Start with the “A” items and don’t work on others just because they are easier to do. Break large jobs into smaller tasks. Plan and complete a start-up task, no matter how small. Check off the assignments that are done and keep tracking the check list.

Don’t rest until you finish everything but always plan time for balance, making a realistic deadline for each task. (Beggs, p. 4) Recommendations For the next assignment is recommended that the tasks be planed as soon as given to the group or individual. Prioritizing tasks is fundamental and researching the best and fast way to do them is vital. Organizing each one of the tasks and think of each action you should take to accomplish the assignments are the main tools to succeed.

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