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[pic] ACC/537 Week One Topic One— University Tools 1 University Tools Primer The University Tools Primer is designed to familiarize you with the myriad of tools provided by the University of Phoenix to assist in your success. For example, did you know that the University of Phoenix Library contains thousands of up-to-date journals, newspapers, industry reports, and research databases? This University Tools Primer sends you on a search to answer 14 questions similar to the following question: Access the University Library page by going to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link for the University Library.

On the lower right hand side, under the section titled Library Services, there is a link called Read the Library Handbook. Click on the link for the handbook and go to the Company Directories and Financials section. Which one of the following databases is listed under that section? a) Datamonitor 360 provides detailed coverage of companies, countries, industries, marketing, and technologies. Included in this resource are news articles, information on financial deals, opinion pieces, reports and briefs, company information, countries profiles, and industry reports.

This resource is recommended for courses in business and technology management. This resource was originally two separate resources, Business Insights and MarketLine Business Information Center, that have now been combined into a single platform. b) Plunkett Research Online provides industry-specific research portals for important business sectors. For each industry covered, available components include market research and trends, company profiles, statistics, associations/organizations, and a glossary. c) EIU® Viewswire® provides current coverage of political and economic trends in 195 countries.

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Risk analysis and economic forecasts are provided for virtually all nations. This resource is recommended for courses in economics and international business. d) Business Source Complete contains full text journal in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, accounting, finance, and economics. Additional content includes SWOT analyses, case studies, financial data, conference proceedings, investment research reports, industry marketing reports, and more. Search criteria include keywords, company names, industries, and markets.

The correct answer is b; however, all four of these resources may be valuable tools for your research. Begin Here… 1. Did you know that the University of Phoenix Library has librarians available to help you with your Master’s Level research? An electronic form sends the librarian a request on a topic, a journal, or any other library resource. Our Ask a Librarian service is your pathway to obtaining professional guidance and recommendations regarding your research. For those challenging topics, ask a librarian for his or her professional research assistance.

Access the University Library page by going to the Library tab on your student portal. Then click on the link for University Library and navigate to the Ask a Librarian section. Then, answer the following question: What is the turnaround time for library requests? (Indicate the best answer. ) a. Within the week a. In no more than 48 hours b. In the same day if the request is received by 9 a. m. c. In no more than 24 hours 2. The Center for Writing Excellence is another fabulous tool made available to you by the University of Phoenix.

Not only may you submit a paper to the grammar checker and get a corrected paper back within minutes, but you may also check your paper automatically for plagiarism to make sure you cited all of your research correctly. Along with these valuable reviewing tools are several tutorials and guides to assist you in producing the finest work possible. Go to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link for the Center for Writing Excellence. On the left is a box titled Writing Tools; select the link for Tutorials Guides. From the list provided on this page, what is the tutorial or guide available under the category Essay Development? . Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers b. University of Phoenix Library Tutorial c. Sample Case Study d. Grammar Guide 3. Out in the business world almost all projects are completed by some type of team or collaborative group of individuals. At the University of Phoenix, you will gain experience with project collaboration in a safe and supportive environment. These skills will carry you through teamings and collaborations on future real world’s projects where success may mean more pay, a promotion, or another major reward or compensation.

To assist in the areas involved in teamwork and team building the University of Phoenix provides you with the Learning Team Toolkit. This Learning Team Toolkit is your gateway to materials that will help you achieve greater professional competence as a member and leader of work teams. Go to the Library tab in your student portal and select the link, Read all Aspects of Teamwork located on the right side of the webpage under Learning Team Toolkit. Then, under the category Toolkit Essentials, open the Learning Team Handbook and select which Purpose for Learning Team Benefits is listed. . Serve as laboratories through which students develop into effective leaders and members of workplace teams. a. Provide a sense of community and support that is invaluable in helping working adults cope with the challenge of balancing school with other life demands. b. Both A and B c. B but not A 4. As a Master’s student, you conduct research that involves best practices along with determining what other companies have done when confronted with similar business issues that you examine in your course materials.

With this type of research, you may want to look at a case study or maybe at a comparison between two companies’ approach to a similar situation. So, how might you search for a particular type of document? Go to the Library tab, click on the link for University Library, and access the Specialized Resources link. Scroll down to the RDS Business Reference Suite and select. Then, chose the Advanced Search option. What documents below may be specifically searched for using the document type selector. a. Business newspaper and case study only d. Cross comparison study and case study only . Business newspaper, case study, cross comparison study, and several others f. Business newspaper, case study, and cross comparison study only 5. A Master’s-level business education today contains an international contingent. With the current business environment of globalization, free trade, and the global instantaneous exchange of information brought by the Internet, you regularly reference international data for business opportunities in your research assignments. With the University Library, this is easier than it sounds, even if your target is a very small country.

Go to the Library tab and click on the link for the University Library, access the Country Profiles and Economic Data link, and go to the EIU Country Intelligence database. Select the country of Mauritius. Select Consumer Spending from the Broad Category selections and Economic Growth Forecast Summary from the Specific Topic selection. Select Archive from under the report title. Select the May 2011 Main Report and then select Highlights. What is the real gross domestic product expected to fall to in 2012? a. 4. 3% g. 8. 5% h. 8. 9% i. 4% 6.

As you progress through the Master’s program, you increasingly use data to gauge the current and future state of an economic area. For example, how would you find the GDP of a particular country? Go to the Library tab and click on the link for the University Library and access the Country Profiles and Economic Data link and go to the EIU Data Services database. Select the EIU Market Indicators & Forecasts link, and then, select Algeria and click Continue. Expand the Energy Category, expand the Total Consumption Category, select the Energy Consumption checkboxes, and click Continue.

What data is given? a. Actuals j. Actuals and estimates k. Actuals, forecasts, and estimates l. Estimates and forecasts 7. During your studies, you hear industry professional names such as Kotter, Mintzberg, and Porter. Many of these experts regularly produce writings on the current state of business subjects as well as groundbreaking research and findings that you use in your research papers. How might you find out the latest from an industry or academic leader? Go to the Library tab and click on the link for the University Library and access the General References link.

Select the EBSCOhost database link. In the search field, type in Harvard and Porter and click the Search button. What are the names of the authors and the journal for the first article that comes up? Name of author(s) & journal: _ An Interview with Michael Porter By: Porter, Michael, Argyres, Nicholas, McGahan, Anita M____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _ 8. Did you know that the Library provides you with thousands of full textbooks within your area of study along with dissertations and theses?

Go to the Library tab and click on the link for the University Library and access the Books, Dissertations, and Theses link. Select the Oxford Scholarship Online link where full books are available and type Economics in the Quick Search field and then, click Search. What is the name of the first full-text book that comes up? Text Name: ____________________________________________________ 9. As you progress through the Master’s program, you are exposed to the lingo of several different business disciplines. After all, no matter what industry or market one operates in, one must speak the language of that industry or market.

So, how might you know what all of these new terms mean? Go to the Library tab and click the link for University Library and access the View All Databases Alphabetically link. Scroll down the list and click on the Credo Reference link. On the bottom right of the page, click on the Dictionaries link, scroll down to the Business category, and select Dictionary of Accounting from the list. Go to the M section and answer the following question: What is the first term on the list? a. Machiavellian m. Mac n. Machine hour rate o. Macroeconomics 10.

There are wonderful governmental data sources outside of the library that may offer you up-to-date data on an extreme variety of categories. One prime source of this kind of information is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Outside of the library, go to the Web site http://stats. bls. gov/ and select the Wages by Area and Occupation link in the Pay and Benefits subject area. From the new page, select the For Over 800 Occupations link. From the National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates page, click the Business and Financial Operations Occupations link and then click Accountants and Auditors.

Under section 13-2011 Accountants and Auditors, what is the national estimate for this occupation’s mean annual wage? a. About $59,500 d. About $45,900 e. About $65,800 f. About $86,000 11. To become an effective midlevel manager in business, quantitative skills are necessary. For this reason, the University of Phoenix has provided you with access to the Center for Math Excellence (CME). Under the Library tab in your student portal, click on the link for the Center for Mathematics Excellence or locate the section on the main library page and click on the Center for Mathematics Excellence there.

Once on the CME home page, click on the link labeled Running Start. Then, click on the last link on the left hand side of the page named Introduction to Statistics. This provides you with concepts in statistics. Click on Random Variables. After clicking on the chapter title, click on Read about it. In section 1-2, the definition of a variable is a. a group of subjects selected from a population. g. a characteristic or attribute that may assume different values. h. assumed values that may be counted. i. subjects (human or otherwise) that are being studied. 12.

The Library tab on your student portal provides a wealth of information. Under this tab is the Center for Writing Excellence or CWE. CWE offers a number of services, guides, and tutorials for you. One of the options you have as a student is to submit a paper. What two automated services are available for you under Submit a Paper and what do they do? a. __WritePoint_____________________ b. ________Plagiarism Checker_________ 13. The Library tab on your student portal provides a wealth of information. Under this tab is the Center for Writing Excellence or CWE.

Where do you go to check the status of a paper you submitted for review? a. Feedback b. My Papers c. Tutorials Guides d. I must send an e-mail. 14. In the Online Learning System (OLS), there are many pieces of information that would be pertinent to your success as a student in the MSA program. When on the OLS home page, click on the Course Materials Forum located on the left-hand side of the webpage. There you will see a thread entitled, Student Workshops. Click on the Student Workshop thread. When do student workshops begin? a. Sunday b. Monday c. Tuesday d. Wednesday

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