Acadmic Dihonesty in Pakistan Assignment

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This problem starts from primary and move towards the intermediate, graduate and post graduate levels some of the causes identified for increasing trend of academic dishonesty include a week education system, the classroom environment ,pressure from teachers and parents, decline of ethical social values , self- centered culture and last but the least technological development . He environment in institutes also facilitate academic dishonesty, clear rules ND policies are not available on this issue as most Of higher education institution are private and more concerned about their incomes . The prior responsibility of the institution should be to defined clear policies regards academic dishonesty. Although many institution mention this in the head book of students there is no practical implication. Institution is commotion in nature. S result student feel the burden and pressure which compel them to adopt unfair means . Furthermore,the graduate policies vary from semester to semester and the stress to meet the required cumulative grads point average is also one of the reason of academic dishonesty . Most institution do not follow merit and give addition to everyone without consideration wither the leaner would be able to meet the academic standers or not.

Teachers are an important source in institution of elementary level-they must make their students aware of academic dishonesty on regular basis. The can change seating arrangement on exam day and they can sat the question paper accordingly. This can prevent cheating but it is important that the resource person should teach effectively and passionately. They must have common over what they are teaching. Ore over she/he should be exemplary in displays,honesty,passion and fairness for the students to look u to.

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Sometime s overcrowded classroom make plagiarism and cheating possible . It is nearly impossible for class teacher to kept an eye on every student while working. Overcrowded classes also make thins easy for culprits. Again for such huge strength it is impossible to give proper feedback. In these situation a teacher feel comfortable to go objective kind papers ,quizzes, assignments in order to keep the load of the checking lighter. Subsequently,this strategy promotes cheating in classroom.

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