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In this essay, I am prepared to show evidence of how I eave learned to communicate better as well as the things that I need to improve within my methods of communication. After reviewing my Personal Skills Inventory Chart, I am not where I want to be but I am better than what I use to be six weeks ago. These changes will not happen overnight but, am bound to improve them prior to me advancing to my next level as a student of Walden University. My grandmothers always use to tell us that there are three sides to every story, your story, the other person story and then the truth.

This old age theory still holds truth when communicating whether, it’s online or face-to- ace. I have learned that in order for me to be effective in communicating that have to be face-to-face with an individual so that the other person would be able to see and notice the sincerity that I pose within the conversation. While communicating face-to-face, I can feel assured that my point is being communicated with validity as well as the other person(s) can know that I have received their message as well.

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I have notice that when online I can hide my true feelings, emotions and persona. The hidden quadrant represents those things that you know about yourself but that there do not (Dobbin (2006). Communication in a Changing World) is what I find that am able to hide behind when communication online. When communicating online whether if it is in an email or chat communication for me personally is rather difficult because there are time that the message you are typing could not be received in the manner that you intended to say it.

I often communicate with my wife throughout the day via email and depending on the nature of the conversation she tries to read between the lines of the email to find my emotion in what I am saying. When she or other persons do his they tend to think that I feel a certain type of way about the conversation and most likely that is not the case. When communicating online I am also able to hide behind those emotions and not say what I really would like to say to the person.

However, when communicating face-to-face that emotion cannot go unnoticed and the receiving party would have to respect your stance. As I plan to move ahead within my course of degree work, I am hoping to improve my writing skills. For some time have always struggled with grammar and writing to be proficient and professional whether if it was an mail or a paper due for class. While in seminary, we were taught to write our sermons as we would be speaking to someone so therefore you conversation style would not always match your grammar.

To help me to improve in my writing am going to continue using the tools provided for me as a student of Walden such as Grammar. Grammar (formerly Countertenors) is an automated grammar and writing revision tool for academic writing (Walden Writing Center. (2009). Scholarly writing). I have started to use this tool since week 3 of this course and have found it to be a retreat help prior to submitting papers to be graded. There is another source that would continue to use which is TURNING.

This tool has become a valuable tool for me because it assures that am submitting my assignments to the highest degree of academic integrity that is expected of me as a student of Walden. Lastly, I would continue to employ the help of my wife who has looked over majority of my assignments to assure that I am writing with clarity and my grammar is in order. In the next term I have been enrolled in an English Composition course that I am certain is going to halogen not only my thinking but, my writing as well. Am looking forward to challenge as this is one of my main goals and focal point at this time.

While Walden University offer persons like me who have a very busy personal, family and career life the opportunity to learn from home and at your time schedule it can still be a change. Therefore, going forward I plan to improve my Time Management Skills. Since this was my first time back in the classroom in 12 years, found it hard in the beginning balance my job, family, church and other social outlets that I belong to while trying to complete assignments. My enrollment advisor was very effective in helping me manage getting assignments in on time.

Going forward, plan on working ahead, reading the material and having an understanding of the assignment prior to the due date. Now that my children are back in school that would help me out a lot as well because we can all sit down at a designated time to complete assignments instead of me trying to complete mine and entertain them while they were on summer break. In my household we have a standard of Academic Excellence that everyone who is in class is upheld to. So with this hare to my children I plan to lead by example which would help me to improve in the area of time management.

Even though this course only lasted for six weeks, I am very grateful for the knowledge and information that have learned about communication. I am now more aware of verbal and non-verbal communication and also how other people can perceive information just by “judging a book by its cover. ” The challenge has presented itself in completing assignments on time while trying to manage other areas of life but for the most part I have adhered to those deadlines but look forward to improving in that area as well.

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