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Academic Self-Concept In order to delve into my academic self-concept it is important to first grasp the meaning of self-concept. The class text book defines self-concept as on?s identity in their own mind. It is what a person thinks and feels about themselves and their thoughts. I have grown a lot academically throughout my collegiate career. Have experimented with different learning styles and test preparations to discover my best fit. In the beginning, I never thought that academics was to be taken too seriously. New my assignments had to be completed, but strives to pass, not to excel and succeed. I did the minimum and nothing more. This worked for the first few months, but quickly learned that doing the minimum was not going to get me anywhere and I needed to change something fast. I struggled to catch up, but was determined to do so, so I began going to the learning center to get advice on note taking and studying till I found the my perfect fit. Began re-writing my notes after class.

This helped me get them organized and helped me to retain the subject matter better. I have been following this philosophy for a while now. Currently, think it is important to stay organized and ahead of school ark because it is important to get good grades for a solid future. A degree means a lot, but the knowledge you learn while you are in school is what is going to get you places in life. A big issue had at the US Naval Academy was time management. I received a lot of work, but also had many commitments and extracurricular activities to attend.

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This semester I have a ton of free time, which is a positive issue, but it is important that I have the will power to stay focused and on task. Too much free time can be a bad thing. I was considering joining a team or a club, but I decided against it in the end. I am aging five classes this semester and believe I can do well in all of them as long as I study and do not procrastinate. In my Accounting class I am realistically shooting for an A. I took the same class at the academy, but I did not study enough because was just trying to pass.

I barely passed the class so when I transferred to Bryant the credits did not transfer. In the Economics of Sports I think I can get an A because it is basic macro and micro economics combined with something I have a great passion for, sports. Am a Finance major here, but at my previous institution was an Economic major and I have lot of classes already under my belt. Global Foundations I do not know what to expect. It is a 100 level class, but there is a lot of work involved.

I want at least a 8 in that class, but I know it’s not going to be a walk in the park. All the group projects we have to meet up for also makes things challenging because although there is a lot of free time, finding a meeting time that is convenient for all the members of the group can be difficult. The hardest class am taking is Business Law; I am going to have to prepare a lot outside of class. The fact that class is only Monday and Friday IS going to force me to study ring the rest of the week in order to retain the information.

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