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What is the most important function of human resource management? Explain your answer and provide a workplace example to support your response. Week 1 Q 2 Why is diversity important in the work environment? What can organizations do to encourage diversity? How is HARM involved in the area of diversity? Week 2 Human Resource Management Department Brochure The HARM department at fictional Hancock Manufacturing is planning to recruit new employees at a local university career fair.

To attract qualified applicants, the department has decided to design a brochure to advertise the department at the career fair. A graphic artist has been assigned to create the graphic design for the brochure and your team has been asked to provide the text for the brochure. The text your team writes must focus on immunization to potential employees how the department is addressing changes in technology, diversity, globalization, and ethics. This assignment is due in Week Two. Create the text information for the brochure for the HARM department at Hancock Manufacturing.

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When referencing the Brochure create the reference from the PAP Publication Manual using Hancock Manufacturing year brochure made and edition and the names of your Learning Team members using sections: ; B. Books, Brochures, and Book Chapters ; Brochure, cooperate author ; Example: Research and Recruiting Center for New Hires. 2011). Guidelines for staffing procedures at Hancock Manufacturing (5th deed. ) [Brochure]. Walker, D: Author. ; Two Part Assignment ; Include the following details in your Brochure text information.

This will be in a written paper format with references: ; Title of brochure ; An opening paragraph introducing the human resources department of Hancock Manufacturing ; Three to four paragraphs addressing HARM changes in technology, diversity, globalization, and ethics ; Text in Brochure is separate from Powering presentation slide text ; Submit in Microsoft Word Format Powering Presentation ; Viewpoint Presentation to include 6 slides including reference slide (references may include some of the same references from the written Brochure).

This presentation will be in support of your Brochure with slides of each of the major headings (technology, diversity, globalization, ethics, history of Hancock Manufacturing. In presentation you may use items used in BBC Publishing to enhance your presentation. ; Please include downloaded pictures from the Internet or Clipper to support your Powering Presentation. ; Submit assignment in Powering format. Submitting it through assignment links will be two attachments. Assignment links will take these attachments, one at a time. Two items will be handed in through the assignment links (written brochure and Powering presentation of Brochure. Assignments will be loaded into same assignment link. There will be one grade for the two part assignment. Films: 1 . Managing Diversity in Business, 2. Communication Skills, 3. The Age Of Wall-Mart: Inside America’s Most powerful Company 4. Business Communication: Writing 5. Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment and How to Confront It Week 2 Q 1 What is sexual harassment and what items cause this offense to occur in the workplace?

What methods of discourse do employees have when sexual harassment takes place? Week 2 Q 2 Assume you are the human resources (HER) manager at BBC Publishing. The company has recently received several complaints of sexual harassment. The HER department has decided to create a sexual harassment policy. What should the policy include? How should the policy be implemented and enforced? Week 3 Individual Assignment Employment Laws Chart Resources: Weekly readings and additional research, if necessary Complete Employment Laws Chart found on the student web page for Week Three.

The chart includes descriptions, court cases, importance of, and application of employment laws. For Law citations please use D. 03 Court Case Decisions (BlueBook Rule 1 0) found in PAP Publication Manual. Week 3 Team Assignment Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review Refer to the university Material: Equal Employment Opportunity and Employee Rights Review located on the student website, for List A and List B. Use the lists to complete the assignment. Select two laws from List A and one law or issue from List B.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper addressing the following: ; Provide a general summary describing your chosen laws or issues. ; For each selected law or issue, locate a present-day court case that has challenged your selected law or issue. ; What, if any, are the implications for HER departments in managing the employer-employee relationship in the context of the law or issue? ; For each law or issue selected, write an example of a HER policy that shows compliance with the laws or acts discussed. Films: 1. Business Ethics, 2. Employer/Mooneye Rights and Responsibilities eek 3 Q 1 Chi. Of Fundamentals offhand Resource Management introduces five job analysis methods including observation, individual interview, group interview, structured questionnaire, technical conference, and diary method. Select two job analysis methods. For each method chosen, describe a situation which is most appropriate to apply the job analysis method. What are some disadvantages associated with each method you have chosen? Reference Decency, D. A. , & Robbins, S. P. (2007). Fundamentals Of human resource management (teethed. ). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Week 3 Q 2

Employee selection methods introduced in Chi. 7 of Fundamentals of Human Management includes applications, employment tests, interviews, background investigations, and medical or physical examinations. Select three selection methods tattoo feel are most useful. For each selection method chosen, discuss the reliability and validity of the method. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the selection methods you have chosen? References Decency, D. A. , & Robbins, S. P. (2007). Fundamentals of human resource management (9th deed. ). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Week 4 Individual Assignment Job Description and Recruiting Strategies Worksheet Conduct an interview with someone who has a job position that is different from your own. Identify the duties associated with his or her position, as well as any skills and abilities necessary for the position. Gather the information from the interview, as well as the Week Three readings, to complete the Job Description and Recruiting Strategies Worksheet found on the student Web page for Week Four. Answer each question in paragraph format. Week 4 Team Assignment Human Resource Management Training

Presentation Your Learning Team has been selected to conduct a recruiting and staffing training to a group of new human resource management (HARM) employees at your company. Note. Your instructor will assign each Learning Team a company from the Virtual Organization. Use the assigned company and the above scenario to complete this assignment. Resource: Virtual Organization Create a 7- to 10-slide [email protected] [email protected] presentation in which your team trains new employees on the role Of HARM planning and its relationship to the strategic plan of the organization. Include an overview of the process and steps of HER planning, recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring of employees. ; Consider using visual aids and graphics to enhance your presentation. ; Include clear and specific presenters notes. Cite three references and use three PAP in-text citations. Films: 1 . Managing Change in a Large Organization, 2. Managing Diversity in Business Watch this film that is located in the universal library as use it as a reference Example of Assignment: Use the virtual organization assigned to you. In this assignment you have already recruited and selected a group of

Human Resource Management employees that work for Beadsman Island. Your job is to train and develop them on Beadsman Island’s process of just recruiting, selecting and hiring new employees, hourly and management. You have existing employees with the new hires to orientate to your Human Resource Program, but also what items may cause potential candidates to want to work for you. When you put it together, try to reflect on convincing me, as a potential employee and an existing new hire that that I made the right decision in coming to work for Beadsman Island in the job description you need to fill for he organization.

Your group may introduce a training program for employees. This would just be an explanation to the new hires that you have one at Beadsman Island for new hires to enter into when hired. Explain the current Bedspread Island overview (policies and procedures) in the area of recruiting and staffing and if you want to add improvement areas, please do so. Research the organization (Bedspread Island) first and include their procedures on how they do it. After explaining their recruiting and staffing methods, add to it if you think it will help the recruiting and staffing recess.

Be sure to label and document these sources. If you do add to it, identify what you did and label it for me. Please do this for the virtual organization you are assigned to. Week 4 Q 1 Explain the effects a learning organization may have on employees in today’s organization. What are the HARM implications of this effect? Week 4 Q 2 “If management treats employees well, pays them a fair wage, communicates with them, and ensures that they have a safe and healthy work environment, there is no need for a union. ” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your position.

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