Human Resource Management Assignment

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What are the five traditional career stages? Which of the five traditional career stages is probably least relevant to HARM? Defend your position. 2. How can a solicitation process benefit an organization and the employee? 3. Describe the role HARM plays in orientation. 4. Contrast the external and internal dimensions of a career. Which do you believe is more relevant in determining an employee’s work behavior? 5. What kinds of signals can warn a manager that employee training may be necessary? WWW Assignment “Case Application” “Growing Pains at Modern Office Supply’ (pages 270-272 in the text).

After reading the case annotated above, answer the following questions as noted on page 272 of the text: 1 . What is missing in the performance management process and what ways would improve the performance management process help improve spieling and morale at Modern Office Supply? 2. How can ineffective performance management programs leave employers vulnerable for claims Of discrimination? 3. How does the form used for hourly employees contribute to errors and distortion in the appraisal process? How would you revise the form or reduce them?

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Explain other steps that need to be taken to further reduce distortions in the process? 4. What type of form would you recommend that would be more effective for the hourly employees? Construct an appropriate form for the delivery driver position 5. How can the appraisal process for the manager be improved? There are no “right’ or “wrong’ answers, only well-substantiated opinions based on critical analysis. Regardless of your responses, be sure to substantively support your answers with references to the text and/or outside sources. Your finished product should be a minimum Of 2-3 pages. For instance, each question could be a new level 1 heading in your paper). WWW Assignment “Flexible Benefits Programs” Many organizations, both public and private, use flexible benefits programs to help attract and retain a motivated and high-performing workforce. Using this lead-in as a backdrop, conduct online research and choose an organization, public or private, that has gained popularity because of their flexible benefits program or lack thereof. Write a 1500 word paper based on research from outside resources in which you analyze the organization’s benefits program and describe the advantages and disadvantages of such.

WWW Assignment “Management and Unions” Write a 1500 word paper in which you describe three pieces of legislation that have been critical in defining the rights of management and unions. In your paper answer the following question: Why are the laws you chose important and what role did they play in shaping today’s management-union relationship? WWW Assignment “Team Work” Twenty Years from now, the typical large business will have half the levels of management and one-third the managers of its counterpart today. Work will be done by specialists brought together in task forces (teams) that cut across traditional departments.

Coordination and control will depend largely on employees’ willingness to discipline themselves-?not by Human Resources. Please write a 500 word paper on the importance of Teams in the Organization. In your paper explain how (you as a manager) would hire, manage, compensate and motivate teams working under your leadership in order to et the goals of the organization and Human Resource Management. Please include a title sheet and 2-3 references. Only one reference may come from the internet (not Wisped). The other references should be located in the Graham University online library.

Only the body of the paper will count toward the word requirement. For this assignment only you may write in 1st person. See rubric below. WWW Final Exam 1. Employees should not be permitted to see their personnel files. Allowing them to review the file constrains realistic observations by managers. Accordingly, as long as the information is not used against an employee, hose files should be off limits. 2. Given that the white male is becoming a “minority” in the workplace, they should be afforded affirmative action protection. 3.

Investments in career development do not provide an organization a viable return on its investment. It simply raises employees’ expectations, and then, if not fulfilled, cause employees leave. Accordingly, the organization has trained employees for its competitors. 4. Training organizational members how to be coaches and how to empower employees should be a major HARM activity in the next decade. 5. Flexible benefits programs are employer inducements to reduce benefits sots. The average employee has neither the ability nor information to make such important choices.

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