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A lot of organizations plan the most powerful human resource management programs but do not implement them practically. Unfortunately, this greatly harms the interest of an employee because he is not dealt in the right manner. Thus, human resource management functions need to be planned as well implemented. We can consider the example of incentive plans. In a lot of companies, the human resource department spends several months in making the incentive plans which are not implemented in the end.

There are various reasons for this problem. Either the plan is not practical or a lot of employees do not agree to it. It is obvious that one or two employees always have something against an incentive plan. However, the plan is only changed if most of them have problems. This is one perspective which can be used in the human resource management essay. Apart from that, you can consider various other sectors. Hiring is one of the major functions of human resource management. Every organization increases its employee count at one phase or the other. Hence, you can explain the methods used by the company to recruit people. These days electronic hiring is very popular. Organizations conduct tests and interviews through their website. If the candidate is at a different designation, he appears for the interview through video conferencing. Similarly, the results of these tests and interviews are also displayed online. This is a very advantageous move for a company as it does not have to invite candidates for onsite interviews. Hence, this proves to be a cost effective solution. Along with that, the hiring process is completed in a quicker manner as well.

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You can compare the modes of hiring in the essay and define how each one of them can create advantages. Check your paper for grammatical errors when you are done writing. Do not rush when you are checking your assignment as grammatical mistakes can affect your grade on a major scale. Thus, you need to be careful about it. Plagiarism is another area which you need to be careful about. A copied essay can create long term problems for you.

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