Values & Ethics Communication Assignment

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Values and Ethical Communication Behaviors Communication is the lifeline of an organization meaning it plays a key role in the success of an organization and serves as the foundation for a successful workplace. Within chapter four of the Fundamentals of Organizational Communication textbook it talks in great detail about values and ethical communication behavioral within an organization.

In general, values simply refer to something being worth of a quality or abject. It also goes into depth saying that values are enduring beliefs that a certain mode of behavior or a specific end state is more desirable or socially preferable than an alternative behavioral mode or end state. (peg. 103-104) Instrumental values reflect acceptable behavioral modes whereas terminal values refer to desired end states.

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An example of this is how at my Job working within retail my manager insist that the employees have fun while at work, take the Job serious at the same time by providing excellent customer service skills, and be passionate and caring towards each other and the customers which shows instrumental values of the employees. When looking at the terminal value promoted by the organization the company goal Is to provide outstanding service to the customers leaving them with so many benefits from being comfortable, stylish, and eager to return. These values carry over into employee’s Individual values.

Ethics is known when behaviors are evaluated by rightness or wrongness. Practicing ethical communication in an organization will surely lead an organization to a new level by creating trust, belief, and conviction. But communication in an organization without ethics will cause reverse effect to organization. Practicing ethical communication Is not limited to being honest In communication but much more. In today’s society people don’t always do what’s right. They may know that doing certain things will cause greater consequences that they wouldn’t like but still do it anyways.

It is the top managers in an organization responsibility to ensure that the organizational culture supports ethical conduce and social responsibility because they are who the team members look to for guidance. As stated within chapter four Ethics is the “moral principle that guide our Judgments about the good and bad, right or wrong, of communication, not Just communication effectiveness or 112) It relates with human values and conduct, moral, duties and obligations. Managers have to be the voice that people look to; to know what they want to do may not always be the best thing for himself or herself or the company.

Top managers need to ensure organizational structure to make sure that harassment, discrimination and stealing are not happening within their company. Ethical dilemma that I have encountered dealt with the facts of an employee being unethical. Everyone in life has the capability of making the right decisions and knowing what’s right or wrong. In order to make an ethical decision one must have the knowledge, sensitivity, skills, and the values that are relatable. According to the text choice making is the “central component in the ethics of communication.

The detail manager of an urban shoe store that I use to work in caught an employee stealing shoes, apparel, and money from the store and it was up to him handle that situation either by termination or verbal discipline. Before the store manager was able to pin point who was actually taking things he had almost all the employees under investigation. I was placed in a hard spot for at that time I was actually really close to the individual so I actually was looked at as if I possible knew that it was going on.

Knowing nothing at the time when I was questioned, not being able to give y manager any type of information beside “It wasn’t me” made my Job hard for it questioned my personal values, my self esteem, and my work ethics in away. My personal ethics urged me to want to speak up to my coworkers and make it clear that whoever was stealing from the company should come clean but I felt that I would be stepping over my boundaries. I didn’t want to accuse anyone for doing anything especially my friend since everyone has the right to be treated fair basically until founded guilty which relates to the theory of rights.

After analyzing this situation my personal ethics were not altered by the fact that I was being put in a situation that would consider me being unethical but I learned that as a manager there Job is to act ethically and make the best decision for the company, no mater what the circumstances are or how much or bad the employee may have needed the items. When discrimination happens it puts a dark cloud over the employees. They tend to feel that the company does not care about them as employees so they begin not to care about they Job and tend to slack off.

Managers have to make it an on going habit to treat each employee fairly. They need to make sure that they keep their ethics in check while they are in the presents of employees. Which goes into another area in which ethics and morals can clash at the workplace where company ethics can play against personal morality. Corporate or personal greed that blurs its own ethical lines coupled with unreasonable demands on time can lead to having to chose between a stressful, demanding and consuming work ethic, and family obligations en as moral obligations to spouse and children.

Conversely, people lose Jobs every day because of poor personal morals, employee theft being a common reason for dismissal. An example of this is when my second manager ever in the company felt as if it was his right to take from the company. He had the worst manners and a really bad attitude. He didn’t know how to treat people with respect and to have a successful business the company needs a team leader with good manners, a good attitude, and skill to tact and diplomacy to be able to handle employees, and customers.

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