Value and Structure of Ethics Assignment

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Tastee DeeLites cookies are not misleading consumers by any means. Even though the cookies themselves contain a high calorie content, doesn’t always mean they consist of more fat than the other leading brands of cookies competing against them. During the test, the results were promising, meaning few governmental mistakes were made. In this promotion few changes in the product appearance should be made, and little response towards charges should apply. As a company makes a product with government approving stating “low fat”, they have to stick to that distribution.

Following this consumer behavior is highly involved. With high calories in a “low fat” cookie, most of the consumers will look at their psychological variables, maybe base their buying standards on social influences, and lastly their purchase situation. Here Tastee DeeLites’ packaging my be throwing off the overall value of the cookie by stating it’s “low fat”, but they company has a positive attitude in the expectation of their product. In this marketing plan, Tastee DeeLites is targeting their products towards people who may think their over weight, or people maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Here consumers will not be misled, because stating “low fat” on the cookies can mean it doesn’t contain as much sugar, or any other possibilities that increase weight gain. Safety needs, social needs, and personal needs are all involved in the reasoning of attracting consumers to the buying of the cookies. Safety needs are involved with the health of the cookies. Social needs, due to the advertising, will affect a persons self esteem, and personal needs will be involved by a consumers wants to stay healthy. With this in effect we look at the perception of selective exposure.

What really is stated on the packaging and overall look of the cookies that will catch the eyes of needy consumers. In response to changes, Tastee DeeLites should produce smaller packages that contain fewer cookies than before. Thats just for starters. This would help reduce the amount of calories per container, and influence consumers to buy more quantities. Tastee DeeLites has no reason to respond towards the emails unless the actual consumer who tried the cookie is complaining; therefore, that reduces the risk of getting involved in a dispute and having good customers changing their minds.

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