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value and ethics BY sakshtsansa12013 Non-partisanship and impartiality are at the heart of the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector. The values of respect for democracy, respect for people, integrity, stewardship and excellence are the foundation for all of the work of the federal public sector employees. The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer is the centre of expertise and leadership on values-based management, which includes workplace well-being and the prevention and resolution of harassment, and we are the policy centre for the

Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act. We maintain networks and partnerships dedicated to the promotion and continuation of the highest standards of values and ethics in the Public Moral and ethics are of high importance in determining the nature of a society or a culture. Morals and ethics are used as complimentary terms but they mean different in literal sense. Morals define personal character and refer to the beliefs that a person practices when he interacts in personal and social relationships.

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The conduct exhibited by the erson in personal-social behaviors gives a correct evaluation of his morals. Morals identify the way a person lives. Ethics are the codes or standards of conduct expected by the group to which the individual belongs. In other words, ethics are the set of principals or the theory that decide a person’s moral values. Ethics can also be defined as the manual defining the code of morals. The presence of qualities showing high ethics in a person is termed as morality. More commonly, people associate the term moral with the lesson learnt from a story or a fable

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