Ethics And Morals Assignment

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In legal ethics, a criminal defense lawyer has to protect the criminal regardless of what crimes the criminal committed. Even if it’s against the criminal defense lawyer’s morals, his ethics demand him to defend the criminal to his full potential. Legal ethics has a higher priority to the criminal defense lava,n. Rye’s morals because he has to uphold the Justice System in which the accused are given a fair trial and must be proven guilty through prosecution. When it comes to my own morals and ethics. My morals have been developed by family values and the values I learned from the Marine Corps.

These were developed as grew up and mature with each passing year. Believe morals are not necessarily hardwired but learned from the environment. I believe that if a child was raised in an environment where murder was the answer to everything. They would indeed think that’s right even though we think it’s wrong because we as people are products of our environments. My family and the Marine Corps have an incredible amount of influence on me when it comes to my decision making process. The ethics of the Marine Corps are the guidelines to how I live day to day.

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The Marine Corps ethics are dad up of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. The definition of each one has been ingrained every marine in Recruit Training, and for a good reason to. Honor guides fellow marines to demonstrate the best in ethical and moral behavior. Honor shows marines to have integrity; to never cheat, lie, or steal. Courage is to do what is right even when no one is looking. It can range from the big things to the little things. For example, it can be from telling a fellow marine to stop drinking to just picking up garbage that someone else has left behind.

Lastly, commitment is to set a standard of excellence in every endeavor. Being the best you can be, in whatever thing you do. These values are values I lived to day to day. Because of this, I follow the Marine Corps ethics which in thus play a critical role in my decision making process. The way people are raised can have a propounding effect on their morals either good or bad. In conclusion, morals are the basics to an individual’s decision making process on what’s right and wrong. Ethics are codes of conduct of which are social standards of washes right and wrong. They are what guide people to do the right thing day to day.

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