Teacher Code of Ethics Assignment

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Each Trustee, student, Faculty member, and administrative employee is bound to this common duty in the pursuit of his or her individual responsibility to the educational objectives of the UNIVERSITY We owe this duty not only to each Other, but also to our existential neighbors and the Government that represents the interests of all citizens.

Honesty and fair dealing are the hallmark of this institution, inherited from those who have come before us and a sacred trust that we must leave to those who will follow. Howard University a. Introduction ?? As members of the Stanford University community, all faculty, staff, and students, members of the Board of Trustees, University Officers and affiliates are responsible for sustaining the highest ethical standards of this institution, and of the broader community in which we function.

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The University values integrity, honesty and airiness and strives to integrate these values into its teaching, research and business practices. B. Purpose ?? In that spirit, this Code (the “Code”) is a shared statement of our commitment to upholding the ethical, professional and legal standards we use as the basis for our daily and long-term decisions and actions. We all must be cognizant of and comply with the relevant policies, standards, laws and regulations that guide our work.

We are each individually accountable for our own actions and, as members of the University community, are collectively accountable for upholding these tankards of behavior and for compliance with all applicable laws and policies. C. Violations ?? Adherence to this Code also makes us responsible for bringing suspected violations of applicable standards, policies, laws or regulations to the attention of the appropriate cognizant office.

Raising such concerns is a service to the University and will not jeopardize one’s position or employment. Confirmed violations will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination from employment or other relationships with the University. In some circumstances, civil and criminal harass and penalties may apply. APPLICABILITY The Code of Ethics and Conduct applies to the members of the Board Of Trustees, all students, Faculty, and administrative personnel (“University Community”).

Because of the sensitive nature of some positions and the high degree of trust placed in those individuals occupying such positions, this code will place special responsibilities on Trustees and Senior Administrative RESPONSIBILITIES The university shares the following fundamental responsibilities: To Our Students We owe the right of fair access to all educational opportunities and benefits available at the university in an environment that is free Of invidious harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.

TO our Faculty We must offer a fair opportunity to teach, conduct research, and to provide service to the community in a setting that provides the academic freedom necessary to cultivate a wide expanse of ideas and teaching methods. To Our Administrative Staff ?? We must provide the opportunity to serve the Institution to their fullest potential and in a work environment that is safe and free from illegal discrimination. To Our Neighbors – We must operate our facilities in a way that does not fairly deprive any of our existential neighbors of a valid property right.

At all times, we should conduct ourselves in a manner that avoids any diminution in the quality of our neighborhood. TO Our Trustees We owe our honesty and best judgment. We must manage the university’s assets prudently and fairly in accordance with the Trustees direction and the within the constrains of law. To Our Government – We have an obligation to always be truthful in our dealings with both the City and the Federal Governments and to never do or tolerate any circumstance within our control that can result in the improper use of public funds.

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