Little Sister Drama Assignment

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I need to buy a flat or house for myself and my sister. The place we are living in now is a total wreck and need to move as soon as we can. Little Sister is our best chance for this. Our jobs as beauticians do not pay enough to suffice. We only earn enough for food on our table and our rent. We are unable to move. Also, our beautician jobs require the latest clothes and the fashion changes every minute. We are unable to keep our reputation AND manage to live a normal life in a normal house. Therefore, I need to be selected for this show in order to start our life and be back on track.

Little Sister-Task 3 Task for contestants to complete whilst in the house Your first task to complete in this house is called “Animal Havoc. ” In this task 9 contestants must take on the form of an animal for the week. Choosing from: Monkey, Lion, Snake and Elephant. The rest of the contestants must be the keepers of the animals. The animals must make as much havoc as they can and must try and escape the given cages. The keepers must try and stop the animals from escaping and should not let them be out of hand. Animals need to make as much noise as possible and steal the keys of the sock to their cages.

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Keepers must prevent this from happening. During this task all house-keeping tasks will be carried out by the keepers as the animals aren’t allowed out of their cages. It is the animals’ goal to create as much drama and “Havoc” as possible. Keepers need to keep the animals quiet and in control. In this task the keepers will wear zoo keeper outfits and the animals’ outfits of their animal. Cages will be provided to keep animals’ in. Equipment provided includes: Animal outfits, Keepers outfit, Cages, Keys for cages. Thank You and Good Luck, Little Sister

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