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The term ‘ethics’ broadly describes the way in which we look at and understand life, in terms of good and bad or right and wrong. There are five (5) ethical theories we had discussed. First is the Relativism which has two (2) subtopics such as 1: Subjective relativism which means to decides right and wrong for himself/herself; 2: Cultural relativism which means that right and wrongs will be rests with a society actual moral guidelines.

Second, we have discussed about the Divine Command theory which means that good actions are those aligned with the will of God and hose bad actions are contrary to the will of God. In this ethical theory, sometimes it’s united or can be appropriated with the Cultural relativism. It depends upon the situation. The third one is Ethical Egoism which means a person is focused on his/her self-interest. In short, it’s for his/her long time benefits. The fourth one is the Consequentiality, simply stated “the end Justifies the means. And last, Sanitations or Demonology, an obligation based theory which morality is based on pure reason. From these topics, I learned so many things. I can’t say it all but since I study ethics, I legalized that every action we apply, there’s a violation always follows. Even though we know that it’s our own opinion or side, we still need to respect them because of the subjective relativism. The person actually has its own beliefs. Even though we always think that we are right, still, people have their own privilege to themselves.

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I was so glad in one of the sayings in this chapter, the “what’s right for you may not be right for me. ” Why? Because l, as born to have advance thinking for some things, I already know what’s right from wrong, and some of the situations in my life, people ask some devices from me when it comes to family and boy/girl relationships. Some of my friends wants to die because they were left by their loved ones. They always tell me “naked wag aka nag magmata, IANA aka ring Nina! Ionian aka an instant aka pa. Nag mage alkali pare-appear talk! “, which is wrong for me.

Yes I have the right to talk them back and tell them that they are wrong, but since I study ethics, I realized that if there’s no subjective relativism, people will confused of what is right for themselves. In this chapter, I may have told everyone that yes I applied almost all of these horses and yes, I also violated some. For example, in a pedestrian lane, if the stop light is in the green light, people should stop crossing the road because it’s for the cars’ or the autos’ turn. But since there’s no car passing on my way, I still do what I want which I applied subjective relativism and violated the cultural relativism.

Another case is way back last year, I never hold a rug Just to wipe all the dirt in my room but when I am in shoo, I am the one raising may hands Just to wipe the dirt on our classroom windows. Maybe I did this because it is the school’s cultural doings. If I didn’t raise my hands, no one will clean the window beside me because no one wants to volunteer. Applying consequentiality in my life, I remember when I’m riding on a jeep on the way to school, I forgot my boon and I have only 30 pesos in my wallet. Since I am a little bit nearer from the driver, I reached the fare of the other woman and then said to the driver that it’s mine.

The woman didn’t know all about this since I have learned this in ethics subject, I now realized that it was morally wrong and I don’t want to do it again, ever. CHAPTER 2 “COMPUTER ETHICS” Chapter 2 or Computer Ethics is one of the best topics in this subject. By this, I knew that not only God has ten (10) commandments but also the Computer Ethics. I was then surprised by each commandment’s determination. If you will Just read it, you will Just know what it means. But if you will read it with understanding, you will be confused if being a programmer is difficult or not.

Commandments are also rules that we should respect and follow. Follow because it is for our own good. I learned in this chapter that computers can be shaped and molded to perform NY activity that can be characterized in terms of inputs, outputs and connecting logical operations. Computer has its own logical malleability. It talks about different uses of computers. As computer can do everything, but of course it comes to a point that people has limitations using it. As God’s commandment is important, computer ethics’ commandments are also important. A person should not be called a great programmer if he did not obey all of these.

At first, I am Just memorizing it because it is needed in the exam. But as I memorized it, I also understand it and I know that it will help me someday on how to e a good programmer. I did not mean to be a famous or the best programmer, but for me, doing a Job with mind and heart, is also being famous who most did their parts. I remember when my classmates Lee and Rooney used to interfere Lour’s computer while Lour is outside of the computer laboratory. Lee wants to edit Lour’s HTML weapon from “Nag pogo MO Lour” to “Much aka tallying pips Lour!!! And he also used to draw shapes on paint a cockroach-type. And when I saw them, I told them that “How. Hindi baa kayo nag-rural nag ethics? Hindi ninny baa lam young ten (10) commandments of computer ethics? They all laughed at me and said “Wow! “. Even I, also react to myself like that. Because that’s the time I used to know that I am proud of myself because I’m learning and I love it. I know it will help me a lot maybe not now, but in the near future. CHAPTER 3 “TECHNOLOGIES’ IMPACT ON PRIVACY Talking about privacy, some people may surrender their life because they are protecting their privacy.

In this chapter, I learned a lot of things. I really do. I know everyone of us has its own privacy and my privacy is important to me. When my subject Ethics comes to this point talking about privacy, I was so surprised that even married couple still has their own privacy. I mean, even they know each other, even they give themselves everything, still, no one has the right to interfere each other’s things. At first, this gives me some confusion, by the example from our quiz “Judy Ann.’s and Ryan’s case”, how will Judy Ann know that he is being deceived by Ryan?

How will she be sure if she ask Ryan if he’s having an affair with some other woman and then he said no? See, at first, it gives me confusion because I understand Judy Ann.’s part. Maybe she loves Ryan so much and trust him that much and that’s Ryan seed so that he will do anything he want because he knows that Judy Ann loves her. In their case, I feel sad about Judy Ann.’s side because she’s the one being deceived and yet she still lose the case. But that’s only my interpretation; we have a law about privacy. A law which surely unforgettable for me.

Article Ill Section 3, Constitutional Provision on Privacy paragraph 1, and 2. On paragraph 1, there is a law that the privacy is need to be inviolable when there is a lawful court order, which asks for a search warrant so that they may be able to enter the house or room of the person condemned. There is also a law which we surrender our privacy on public for everyone’s safety, and also for the express provision of the law. Actually, these three (3) are those exemptions of privacy. We should know all about this so that no one will file us a case of trespassing for example if someone has sinned to us.

According to the Republic Act 4200 Section 1 and 4 of Anti-wiretapping Act, no one has the right to record or videotaped those private communications without authorization by using some device or to tap any wire or cable on it, or by Just to overhear the talk of the people involved. There is also a law of privacy for those prisoners. The only restriction placed upon prison authorities was that the right of inspection should not be used to delay unreasonably the communications between the inmate and his lawyer. I also learned about Due Process but I found a little bit confusion again about this.

My understanding about Due Process is like forgiveness, perhaps. Maybe it means forgiveness or opportunity to have a chance. It’s something like that. A general rule “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property’ and the exception of this rule is “If there is no due process”. This means a person may be deprived of life, liberty, and property, unless if there is no due process of law. I am a type of person that is hairsplitting especially on cell phones. I used to read some messages and I discovered some gossips when doing it. Anyone’s phone I can me, reading messages of other people without their consent is disrespect for them.

I feel sorry for that that’s why as of now, even my close friends, I don’t touch their phones unless I am authorized. Before, I am tempted, but now, I am determined because Vive learned. I don’t want someone will file a case to me because of that. CHAPTER 4 “THE FLOGGER’S FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND THE LIBEL LAW” Every one of us has the right to say whatever we want because we are on a democratic country. But even though the situation is like that, it’s still not right to pass out beyond our limits. There is a proper way of expressing expressions especially if the person is an authoritative person.

According to the Bases of the Guarantee of the Right of Freedom of Expression, discovery of truth is the marketplace of an idea which posits the power of thought can be tested by its accountability on the competition of the market. This means that e will not know what the side or opinion of others if we don’t give them permission to talk and to hear. For self-government, we, people have the right to complain about the officials’ wrongdoings as long as we have a permit from the local government because from the first place, they will never be sitting at their position if people did not vote them.

It’s Just right that they should do their Jobs properly because they are the leader of the country, and it’s not right that they will become the leader of bluffs. Scope of the freedom of expression, freedom from prior restraints, this means that e are free to say whatever we want. If this is not given, all we want to say must have been permitted through a long process Just to tell a single word. Freedom from punishment, if this is not present, we never say what we want because we are afraid of the punishment.

Limitations on the Guarantee, this means that we are free to express our feelings but still we have the limitations. We can say a bad words through another term that is not really hard to hear. It should be appropriate and with respect. Because id we did it, especially in public, Just tending to cause dishonor to someone, we might be accused of libel. From the Article 353 – Definition of Libel, Libel means a public and malicious imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, or contempt of a natural or Juridical person, or to blacken the memory of one who is dead.

Article 354 talks about the requirement for publicity and in Article 355, libel means by writing or any similar means. This states that a libel committed by means of writing, printing, lithography, engraving, radio, phonograph, painting, theatrical exhibition, cinematographic exhibition or any similar means, shall be punished by orison correctional in its minimum and medium periods ranging from 200 to 6,000 pesos or both, in addition to the civil action which may be brought by the offended party. To cause a libel, elements of defamation should all be present.

But there is an exemption on this, if a person is given a privileged speech. He/she should not be held liable. I now understand about the case of disrespecting a man’s reputation. We should be smart and matured enough of saying something to anyone. We should control our feelings and emotions because we might tend to cause a libelous act if we are always n the flow of being emotional. I have read something on the book, “Being emotional is no excuse for being insulting”. I admit, I insulted a person through a note in backbone. It looks like a blob.

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