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Strategic ethics are compromising heliotropes and standards that guide actions in the great big world of business. The economical, legal and social are obligations that companies must meet as well as those of the stakeholders. Their responsibilities Just do not start and end with making a profit. Although today many companies still do not think of society and their employees first. In a perfect world companies are doing their part by conducting their business practices ethically and being socially responsible to society. We would most defiantly like to think so, but reality is not all companies feel that they have to e socially responsible.

I see on the television news reports each and every day with reports of illegal chemical dumping or accidental dumping and lack of initiating a cleanup shows me that this particular organization has not only ethical issues but environmental issues. To me, it shows that this company’s focus is on the profit, and the margin of profit. They have a social responsibility to insure that their company while managing their business is taking the necessary precautions to make what they will not affect the people, land, and the environment. We see it all the time today, and hey need to be held accountable.

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At the beginning of this MBA course I took a survey pertaining to ethics. The results of that study allowed me to gain an insight on how I approach ethical decisions. My mother and grandmother always taught me the difference between right and wrong, and to always do what is right in every situation. I have always tried to do Just that, and not only in my personal life but also at work. My results from taking the Williams Institute study resulted in first, my ethical prospective. The assessment shows that I based my moral view more on what is good tot what is good to do.

I have always believed that if you are of good character, you are a person that will do the right thing. Although I fail to see that when faced with an opportunity in certain circumstances, one can in turn change that character which, will allow one to make unethical decisions especially if being unethical is the norm within the business environment. It becomes easier to follow that pattern than to create one of your own. This viewpoint has not changed. I still have those same beliefs. The assessment results also shows that I believe that ethical standards rely n the ability of an individual to make sound and moral Judgments.

My last Job had me so frustrated because of the unprofessional and unethical ways they conducted. I realize now unethical practices are an acceptable practice the easier it is adapt to those same practices. The assessment results also revealed that I need to have a better understanding of the people. I do try to make the best ethical decisions at any given situation by using what information they have and how they prioritize values. This is also true for me. Now, because given in certain situations people have to do hat is best by using their personal values to guide them in the right direction.

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