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Language techniques are used in all forms of communication and are vital in everyday society. One main example of this is advertising, it is worth over two billion dollars alone online, meaning, it is imperative for the correct language techniques to be used in order to attract potential customers, providers and even potential partnerships. The way an ad is made affects its effectiveness and success. An ad can be broken down into four criteria; Attention, Interest, Desire and Action – known as A. I. D. A.

This is where the readers Attention’ is grabbed, then it is sustained through the readers ‘Interest’, which then creates ‘Desire’ for the product and followed by the ‘Action’, where the reader finally feels an impulse to buy the product. The first step in a ‘successful’ ad IS grabbing the reader’s attention. When someone scrolls down a weeping or flicks the page over in their favorite magazine you want their attention to be drawn to your product. That is why Attention is the first and foremost important part of A. I. D. A.

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In the three ads chosen there are similar raids and of course differences, the one thing which is extremely common is how your attention is drawn to the centre of the ad. There is use of the ‘Z’ layout that follows the main central attraction. In the Heinlein Ad, for example, your attention is drawn straight to the cross sectioned keg, your eyes then travel to the top of the page, you then read the words ‘party in a barrel’ then you scope down the keg looking at all of the little pictures and then at the end you see the ‘Heinlein – open your world’ logo, causing the reader to have the lasting image of the product in her mind.

Not all advertisements rely on text in order to gain attention, as proven with these three advertisements. They all have little to no writing with the mild exception of the Carlton Dry ad. These ads rely on the contrasting images and select words in order to gain the attention of potential customers instantly. The main purpose of the colorful, contrasting images is purposely to gain your attention before other ads. The interest is where the readers attention is sustained. The purpose for the interest stage is to make the ad fit with the customer’s interests, needs and wants.

The way most ads create interest is through the attention, once the customer is looking at the ad, it is good to get the customer to think about the ad, or the product. In the Absolute Vodka ad, for example, your interest revolves around the man on the floor in pieces, after a few seconds of thinking you come to realize that the man on the floor is the ‘perfect man’ relating to the slogan of the ad ‘in an absolute world’ this is directly relying to the product, Absolute vodka.

It is an art to get the interest balanced with the complexity of an ad, if someone has to focus too hard on an ad in order to understand it then they will more than likely be repelled from the product, instead of being drawn into it. Ways in which ads generally gain a customer’s interest is by use of color, a smart but not too simple image and witty lines which make the customer think about the product.

In the Carlton Dry ad they use the double meaning of the word ‘dry’ In order for the customer to think about it, how the water in the fish tank is repelled by the ‘dry’ beer. Once a person’s interest is sustained it is time to make them desire the object. The desire is created from the interest. Most ads use claims that sound relevant and true in order to make the customer desire the product. Most advertisements use a claim or something along those lines in order to create a certain level of desire about the product.

In the Carlton Dry ad, making the beer look extremely ‘dry’ relating to the way the beer is malted and how the flavor will be more enriched. In the Absolute ad where you see yourself having the ‘perfect man’ relating to how you can mix the perfect drink for you using their product, have the perfect life. The Heinlein Ad how you can have t at any party and there will be fun, enjoyment and satisfaction there. All of these three ads have that desire that make you want to pursue in purchasing the product.

Action is the last phase Of the A. I. D. A. And it is not always used, as shown with my three ads. The action is a lead on from the desire, it usually comes from more information about the product, a special deal, discount offer, bigger trade-in, offering a special deal etc. In all of my three ads there is no direct action required, but that just goes to show the brilliance in these ads. If you ere a typical beer drinker and you wanted a better tasting beer, you would buy a super dry beer, in the Carlton Dry ad it shows just that.

If you were looking to make your own perfect drink you would buy vodka or some spirit of that sort, in the Absolute ad it shows you just that. In the Heinlein ad it goes to the extent of showing if you want the perfect party, then purchase one of their kegs. These ads are strong with the first three points you automatically want to purchase the product. Overall, using language techniques is extremely important when it comes to advertising. We are surrounded by advertisement every day, from road signs to billboards.

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