Personal Ethics Statement Assignment

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“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages” (Thomas Alva Edison). This is a very powerful statement made describing ethic and gives insight into my ethical role in society. For me, I listen to my instinct to determine the greatest good for each individual and the values that would best serve the community. I define ethical behavior as making responsible choices that benefit many different individuals at the same time.

We as a society have turned the simple act of compassion and respect into nothing ore than selfish, all about me mentalities. The lack of honesty, integrity and trust reduces us to nothing more than savages. After taking the Ethic Lens Inventory, I was surprised to find my values and strengths as well as my blind spots and weaknesses and they are as follows: My character is determined by my strengths and weaknesses. In every situation, there are actions and reactions. Alee autonomy which means doing things for others without expecting things in return, and equality. Independence is my goal as well as coordinating the rights of individuals with the security of the community. I exhibit wisdom in real-world matters and foresight as I act with tolerant self- interest in each circumstance. I try to elude rash engagements by bringing optimism, imagination and courage to problems. Every good intention can have consequences if not handled property.

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For instance, if I am not convinced that all have free will, I run the risk of dropping decisions to a narrow and purely selfish breakdown. What this means is if my compassion fails, I run the risk of believing I am entitled to perks and privileges because I help people. This can make me vulnerable to flattery and immune to instructive criticism. If I do not pay attention, can be tempted to base my actions on what is popular and fun rather than what is right and just. Ill convince myself everything will be alright in the end and not mind a few shortcuts to be taken along the way. Each person operates from a clear sense of their own values and positive character traits. They draw courage and power from their own strengths and weaknesses. Like Thomas Alva Edison quoted… Until we can treat each other with respect and dignity, we are nothing more than savages.

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