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Do you agree with the results of your work culture preferences activity? Dose it match with what you considered your ideas work culture? When I received my results from the culture preferences activity I was not expecting those results exactly,l wasn’t looking for something down the lines of the results but it had gotten really close to what was going for. My results was being an Expert, Supportive and Well resourced, I really agree on two out of three of these results.

I agree with being very supportive and well resourced but really don’t agree with being a Expert, because I am usually a ere team player and in the background but still all for being supportive in group talks and team discussion. Also, being well resourced explain me too by being comfortable and all for doing the necessary resourced to do the highest standard work to get the most out of something that could help me in the long run. I’m really glad I received this results to see my strong points in the work culture.

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Do you think there is a relationship between effective study habits and technique uses and being successful in those work cultures? Yes, do think there s a relationship between effective study habits and techniques of being successful in those work cultures by being successful in those cultures. Study habits and techniques all part of note taking,it doesn’t matter if you never look at them again taking notes is extremely helpful in remembering something important.

The act of note taking helps your brain make what’s know as a “spatial relationship” between you and the information. By using effective study habits and techniques it can help you tremendously when taking quiz or test because when your taking your destroy can remember meeting that you wrote down while taking notes and help you remember the answer off the top of your head all because you took notes. Think the relationship between this two skills go hand in hand, they are best friend when it comes to studying and texts and quiz.

What was your Ethical Perspective as Identified by the ELI Including your Blind spots, Strengths, Weaknesses and Values? My Ethical Perspective as identified by the ELI including my blind spot, strengths, weaknesses and values is I am a strong believer of equity and commonality. I like to be fair I believe in justice and everyone has valid point and like when when people are tread equally. My blind spot and weakness in ethics can kinder outcome improving and using my ideals with compassion and caring for other benefits the community.

My strengths and values one reliable ends to themselves equality and justice and not consequent list. The ethical perspective results was everything think is a hard worker should be and I would love to apply all my results of blind spot, strengths, weaknesses ND values and learn all of them and apply them to my goals and reach that next level in my life. Having all of these skill handy can help me in life and finding a good job and not waste my time and money on a career that had to go in because I don’t know these skills.

How do personal ethics play a role in a academic? How might they play a role in the workplace? Personal Ethics play a role in a academic by having the set of skills; strengths ,weaknesses and values. These skills can help tremendously by being able to know what your good at and the parts were oh need to improve in and work in to get better to do that job. These personal ethics might play a role in the workplace ,For example the job I have now you have to have the strengths to be a people person and now how to be polite.

Also in that felid you have to pay attention and know how to take charge , being soft, non communicator , or non verbal person can really be a problem while talking to costumer. My weaknesses I would say while work would be, being able to learn how to listen and be attentive while people are talking and not thinking of what to say while there talking. What connections is there to your ethical perspective and your work culture?

The connections between my ethical perspective and my ideal work culture are that they both require fairness and equality in both. The support of each other as a team benefits the success of the workplace as well as each other. Workplace also increase the want to be at the workplace and part of the team. Also the other connections there is that they both use wisdom and knowledge because wisdom comes from capitalizing on ones experience to interpret information in a knowledgeable manner to produce wise decisions while in class room and workplace.

Having self control, justice and fair guidance is another way have that they are connected and having the courage and integrity. Justice and self control really stand out to me while talking about the workplace and the ethical perspective because having self control and not letting your feeling involved in the workplace and being able to lay it all on the table in the benefits of a team or group and while in the process of still being honesty with your self and others.

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