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The topics that are going to be explained include- the abortion policy, Bursas and how society deals with rapes. It will summarized Into a short paragraph for each topic which will Include an extra paragraph for defining laws and how they fit Into society, also a paragraph to explain what morals and ethics and how they have changed through society. The law Is a dynamic thing. Let a complex mechanism evolving from hundreds of years of tradition, culture and values.

In general terms, the law can be defined as a set of enforceable rules of conduct with set down guidelines for relationships between people and organisms in a society. Laws change when society does, when a certain law is changed to fit the modern day society, it is a very complicated process in which a law needs to be changed. For example, Australian politician Barry Farrell has changed the law of selling drinks in bars after a certain time. The law states that bars and puns are not allowed to sell drinks after am to reduce people from being injured or even killed.

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Ethics and morals both relate to “right” and “wrong” conduct. Ethics Is set by a series of rules provided to an individual by an external source, egg- their profession. Whereas, morals refer to as an Individual’s own principles regarding right and wrong. Ethics do not change as a person moves from one society to the next. Morals may change as a person moves from one society to the next. Bursas are an important point towards changing the community over time. The Burk is a fully covered outer garment that Islamic traditions wear to cover up their dies, showing only their eyes.

The problem regarding the Bursas is that this tradition has been brought into Australia and worn by Muslim women everywhere, and refuse to take it off. This is why a new law is trying to be enforced to make sure Muslim women take off their Bursas when asked or needed too. The legislation was drafted in response to public outcry about the case of Burk-weaning mother-of- seven Carnet Matthews, who had a conviction of knowingly making a false statement quashed.

Ms Matthews was originally given a six-month Call sentence after being mound guilty of falsely accusing a senior constable of forcibly trying to remove her Burk when she was pulled over while driving in Woodbine in Kidney’s southwest in June 2010. She was later found innocent on appeal after the prosecution could not prove she was the woman who signed the statement while wearing the garment. This statement is the main reason why Bursas should be taken off when told of. Abortion is also another significant topic in relate to change in the community.

The grounds on which abortion is permitted in Australia vary from state to state. In every Tate, abortion is legal to protect the life and health of the woman, though each state has a different definition. There is now law anywhere in Australia that requires the notification or consent of a woman’s sexual partner. There Is also no enforced waiting period or an abortion, except In Western Australia, a minor does not require parental consent or notification. This law Is also very similar to the one about rape. They both are salary In some ways and could not be controlled at sometimes.

This law has changed over the last 40 years as back in the sass’s, abortions were illegal in omen being bashed and then raped and getting pregnant, they had to change the law because of this. A woman will have to have the pregnancy and live her whole life knowing how her child was brought into the world. Every time she looks at her child it could remind her of that horrible and unforgettable night. Another reason this law had been dropped was because of several gang rapes around Sydney. There was a number of attacks in a matter of weeks involving a group of guys on a girl in 2000.

Eight Lebanese men kept approaching two young girls aged 17 and 18 in a car on August 10th, August 12th, a 16 year old girl was walking through a park when a 17 year old raped her alongside 12 other men and one had even held a gun against her head, August 30th, a woman was told she was being taken to a house to smoke some cannabis, however she was taken to three different houses where she was raped 25 times by 14 different men, two 16 year old girls were taken by attackers at a local train station, where then three older men raped then repeatedly over five hours. This just goes to show how easy it could be to get pregnant after being raped.

This tenement is true, this was happening to people because of the policy. In Conclusion, given the evidence, moral and ethics have changed law in modern society for a number of different reasons. The law regarding the Burk is still being questioned and still has many different ways n how to change or stop the law. Abortion has changed due to young women being raped, because of this the government and communities want this horrible thing to stop. Also, people are generally pleased with the law regarding abortion as people do not want to see young teens being forced to have and live with a child.

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