Reaction to abortion, euthanasia,birth control Assignment

Reaction to abortion, euthanasia,birth control Assignment Words: 963

I am really against this topic. For me, this is really a sensitive thing. I really treasure one’s life. I am a medical technology student and should really give importance to the lives of the people. During the reporting of our classmates about this topic, they asked me on what will I do when I got pregnant on an early age or when am not yet ready. They asked if am I going to keep the baby and give him/her the right to see this wonderful world or am going to cut those rights and just think about my own safety.

I just answered them that I’m going to keep the baby because in the first place, can’t really kill a unman. Second, it’s my own baby and I don’t think I can let that rude thing happen to my own child. Third, it’s my own choice, I don’t think that might happen without me choosing it unless that was an accident or what we call rape. But as I’ve said, it’s my own choice and I should be responsible enough. I should face the consequences of my own actions and choices.

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Abortion just because you are not yet at the right age and you just accidentally did a wrong choice is a sign of being irresponsible and coward. Irresponsible because you are not ready or you don’t want to face the consequences of your own actions ND coward because you just want to run away and just forget about the wrong doings that you have done. And that’s my stand about abortion. EUTHANASIA: I am not against this topic. As what my classmates said when they reported this topic, there are two types of euthanasia.

First is the thing that happens in the hospital when the patient can’t really live anymore and the thing that’s making him alive are the machines. I am not against it. In fact, this is what happened to my dad way back then. My dad was confined in SST. Lake’s Medical Center for almost three months. He had a disease in kidney and had implications as the time pass by. And the day that we really were afraid of came. My dad did not take it anymore and the doctor said that it is only the machines that are making him breathe and making him alive but at the same time, dead.

Alive because yes he’s still breathing but dead because as what I’ve said it is only just the machines that is making him breathe and also the mere fact that we can not talk to him anymore and we can not anymore see the old him. The doctor gave us choices if we want him to still live and just continue the machines that are making him breathe or just cut it out. It was really a tough decision for us. Of course, it was about my dad that’s why it was really hard. And yes it was hard for us to continue our lives without my dad but we don’t want to see him suffer anymore so we decided to just cut it out.

For me, its not that we killed my father but it was a choice favoring my father. It was being unselfish because we can just choose my father to still live and be with us. But we just chose him to be at peace because we can’t afford to see him suffer just because we just want him to be with us physically and see him everyday. And that’s my stand about euthanasia. I am not against this topic. Also agree that 18 is the legal age for this thing. Have learned in my classmates when they reported about this topic that in other countries, the legal age for this is 21 .

I think we just have a legal age for this. Admit that I am one of those who are doing this thing but I am not that kind who always drinks alcohols. I am a responsible person and know my limits. Like what I am standing for this topic, am not against about it but what I am saying is that we, alcohol drinkers should be responsible enough. We should know our limitations. We should know when to stop. We should always drink moderately. I believe in freedom but like what I have learned, nothing is absolute.

We are free to drink alcohols and do whatever we want to but we should always be responsible. This is the kind of person that best describes me. As a medical technology student, I am not against about this topic. In fact, I am promoting this one. As we all know, our population is becoming bigger and bigger as time goes by. And it is not a good thing. We also know that the economic status of our country is not good. Poverty is one of the main issues or problems here in our country so I am promoting this one.

I am not saying that am against the lives of the people but I am just being practical. If we really want to save our country from poverty, we should embrace this one. I am not saying that birth control can really save us from poverty but at least, it can help us in some ways. If we really are not yet ready to have a family, why not use this. I am not promoting for “sex” here but just want us to become responsible. It is not a wrong thing if we embrace this one. And this is my stand for this topic.

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