Leadership Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Pre Module Assignment

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Directive, as Alex likes to handle projects only in his own way, telling people what to do and when to do it, even if he has to “steamroll over someone’s feelings”. He describes his own style at work “pushy and commanding’. Pacesetting, as the words he uses, tone and actions, towards his colleagues, . g. conversation with Garrison, writing mails at 3 A. M…. It shows his high standard of achievement and his expectation from others, to meet the same and if not, doing it himself instead. Overall, it can be stated that Alex is an overachiever and is motivated by personalized power, meaning he wants to control, impress and focus on the result in the end rather than managing subordinates. Personally, would not like to work with Alex, as I prefer a participative and coaching leadership style. In my opinion, democratic decision-making strengthens the team as well as highly motivates team members and ontributes in a long-term.

As I believe in receiving constructive feedback supports to grow in roles and develop further during tasks, I would choose this coaching leadership approach rather than Alex Sanders’ one. I do like challenges and have no problems working at 3-4 A. M. ; over a longer time period this is very demotivating though. 2. using the cultural dimensions explained in “Eye of the Beholder,” which three cultural dimensions best describe Aleks leadership style? Don’t worry about what country Alex is from… Just focus on identifying Alex’s behavior.

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Aleks 3600 performance/feedback review outlines the cultural dimensions performance orientation, assertiveness and future orientation. He is driven by success, pushes himself forward, creates great results as well as rewards great performance of others by giving them Oct. 2014 [email protected] ac. at Pre–ModuIe credits or showing his appreciation to them e. g. : dinner for the team and give away sport event tickets. Great performance counts for him as he expects it from others. He is direct, confident and combative as one can see with his conversations. Alex said: “Everyone needs to pull their weight’.

He claims a lot and pushes forward the goals by not accepting a protest, objection or other approaches. He is future orientated as he is planning precisely ahead, is aware of his own knowledge gaps and how to gain this knowledge. 3. using “A Better Way to Deliver Bad News,” what mistakes is Alex making when providing feedback to others with whom Alex works? Alex, as a busy manager, does not give enough time to the thought of framing the situation he is about to give feedback on to his colleagues, and therefore leaves not many options for finding a good way out of the talk. In the example f the conversation with Mr.

Garrison: ‘This is all you’ve produced in 40 hours of time? Are you kidding me? ” he was overreacting and framed too narrow, not thinking of why the situation is like it is. Mr. Garrison had no chance after this question to give a constructive answer to that. Alex must give more attention and thought to a broader frame before communicating feedback. He also needs to be careful with his wording to leave more Option for discussion after the feedback. With more options for answers it is also more likely to receive the information needed to avoid stressful situations and nhance a sincere conversation. 4.

Using “Leadership Run Amok,” what advice would you give Alex if you were Alex’s manager? My advice for Alex is to be more careful with his communication and demands regarding his team. I would make him understand that being motivational rather than commanding will pay back in a long term. The whole team is aware of his competence and skillset, but is missing Oct. [email protected] ac. at pre–Module some further development on teamwork and coaching. If he gives his colleagues well-thought and honest feedback with a chance of discussion, hey can grow and fulfil tasks better in future, which would be in Alex interest as well.

Then collaboration will help him as well as to get off tasks and will be able to influence instead of direct. At the same time, I would also encourage him to keep his performance orientation that has been successful, but not at all costs. Finally, would also suggest that with a help of a coach he should study his own actions in order to become a better leader.

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