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Name Institution Course Date Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World Introduction Todays world is corporate world since we either work their consumers their product or live around one. These corporates should maintain good ethics on the people working for it the surrounding community and their consumers. They should uphold their corporate responsibility by give back to the community and making sure they conserve the environment in all their processes (Frederick, 1999). harmCare has many stakeholders around it these are; first all the employees working for the ompany from the lowest level to the top management, all those people should have a say in the company an should be treated with the same respect and should enjoy the facilities privileges of the company and should be involved in decision that may affect them like a merger with another company, changes in top management or downsizing of employees.

CompCare is also another stakeholder in PharmCare since they it’s owned by PharmCare to produce AD23 a formulation sell it and even market it. In case of changes PharCare is taking CompCare management should be notified in time and they should and have a say in decision making that may involve their ompany such as the step by compCare to sell it to another company. Another important stakeholder in PharmCare is the community or the citizens of Colberia.

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These people are indirectly attached to the company but should not be taken for granted by the company and should be involved in any major decision the company may be taking and may have an impact on them such as dumping of their waste product or hiring of employees. Governments of both America and Colberia are other major stakeholder PharCare should put into consideration in case of major changes the company should partake concerning such issue as labor, health and taxation.

PharmCare has little value for its indigenous employees and puts much consideration to its top management employees, we see that the company is taking advantage of low living standards in Colberia hence paying the indigenous workers poorly and giving them harsh working condition for example they should be provided by transport as they go to collect the herbs whereas the company’s executives are enjoying every available luxury. PharmCare is also reluctant in taking care of the environment around places where they harvest the herbs and continues to destroy the environment without much consideration of the aftermaths (Hancock, 2004).

Allen is illegally terminating Job for all these three because first he is allowing pressure from his boss to fire them without following the right procedure. For the three of them none has violated or breach the work contract they are Just advocating for their rights such as: Donna irrespective of having a good attendance record she’s fire for asking for compensation for her ailment while Tom is fire for filling a complaint with OSHA an organization that caters for better working conditions and health of employees such as; protective gears while working and also a medical cover in case of on duty accidents or ailments.

Currie, 1976)For Ayesha she feels she is not considered for the supervisor position because of here religion but Allen feels different but instead of explaining to here why he can’t promote her he Just fires her. The only thing getting these three fired is the fact that they witnessed a health hazard material in company’s labs and they don’t want other employees and the public to know whatever is going on.

Allen tried to uncover the truth by reporting to the top management but they took no action, he has the supervisor he is liable to the welfare of the employees in the factory so he should not stop at the top management e should also report to the necessary authority because he has enough evidence and witnesses. First he should report about the infectious mold in the air vent which being caused by overproduction by the company so that the can sustain the demand of AD23, the mold is a health hazard to the employees working on the labs.

By exposing this, employees’ health or even their lives could be saved early enough and will be obligated to compensating the ailing workers, providing better working condition, provide better medical cover and reduce the number of working hours so that the same scenario doesn’t happen again. Allen should also report the defective drugs the company is producing which are causing heart conditions for the consumers, by exposing this, the production of this drug can be stopped before affecting more consumers and the company can be sued for damages caused to the consumers.

Allen and any other whistleblower is protected by constitution under whistleblower protection Act of 1989 so in case he decide to expose the company he will not be liable to any damages that the company may face due to this exposure, this means that PharmCare cannot sue him or even fire, if they decide to terminate is contract or if he feels that he cannot work there any more he is to receive all his payment and benefits as required by law and in case of life threatening the government can keep him in witness protection or even change his identity (Runte, 2005).

PharmCare is pledging its commitment to better environment through changes in its production and packaging processes but in actual sense it determined to frustrate any environmental laws and regulations through PAC such as the extension superfund was created under the comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).

This company is also involved in environmental depletion in Colberia where they are exploiting the natural resource and making no effort in conserving the environment there which is ironical since it the same place the collect their law material for production. For being able to provide medical drugs at a subsidized price and proving medical school scholarship to a few people cannot be compared to the environmental damage they are causing. This goes forth to show that PharmCare is only concerned with increasing its production, sales and profits.

The comprehensive environmental response, compensation and iability Act (CERCLA) of 1989, this Act was created to cater for any damages for any environmental damages those companies may cause in their process of attaining raw materials, production and dumping of their waste. Its aimed at reducing the level of environmental degradation by imposing liability to companies found to be involved also it included a trust fund (superfund tax) be imposed on companies to provide cleanup and compensation worst case scenarios (Switzer, 2008).

Since its implementation in 1989 there has been some amendments done to it to make it more effective these include; involvement of enforcement authorities and have come up ith new settlement tools, another change is that they have over time advocated for more permanent solutions and innovative technologies in combating hazardous waste, they have also put other states and federal environmental laws consideration into superfund actions, the act also as recently included an increased focus on human health problems due to environmental degradation , there has been an increase in state involvement in the superfund program since the inception, it has increased participation by the public on how to deal with environmental hazards and finally the trust fund increased to 8. billion US dollars for the six years since its implementation. The first provision that will affect PharmCare is the increase in human health problems since the do neither provide medical attention to the case of Dona and Tom nor do they compensate them for damages but in turn they Just fire them (OSHA, 2011).

Another provision that is going to affect PharCare is the increased involvement of the public because they do not involve the people of Colberia on how to stop the degradation and how to conserve the environment to avoid issues such as disappearance of endangered spices as witnessed. In conclusion PharmCare is an organization only concerned with its gains and do not have the required business ethics or corporate responsibilities they are only purporting to practice this but in reality they do not and their only major concern is profit. They do not care about the quality of their product hence end up producing defecting drugs and after discovering they do not own up to their mistake and continue with its production.

They also don’t have any business ethic since the sell a CompCare a subsidiary of their company to Wellco very knowing well it’s going to collapse. They do not care about the rights of their employees since Dona and Tom get fired for having an ailment contracted because of a malfunction in the company while Ayesha is fired for demanding a promotion and the indigenous people are Just paid a dollar for a whole day hard work. Finally they don’t mind on environmental conservation since they continue degrade the environment in Colberia. Work Cited Currie, D. P. (1976). OSHA. Chicago: American Bar Foundation. Frederick, R. (1999). A companion to business ethics. Malden, Mass: .

Blackwell Publishers. Hancock, J. (2004). Investing in corporate social responsibility: a guide to best practice, business planning & the UK’s leading companies. London: Kogan Page. OSHA. (2011). Washington, D. C. : U. S. Dept. of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Runte, C. (2005). Anonymous Hotlines for Whistleblowers: the U. S. Sarbanes Oxley Act and European Compliance Issues. Chicago, Ill. : Blackwell Switzer, C. S. , & Gray, P. L. (2008). CERCLA: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (Superfund) (2nd ed. ). Chicago, Ill. : American Bar Association, Section of Environment, Energy and Resources.

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