Health Care Marketing Information Matrix Assignment

Health Care Marketing Information Matrix Assignment Words: 465

Source of Health Information Type of Health-Related Information Marketing Messages How the Consumer May Assess the Accuracy or Reliability of the Marketing Messages List the information source, such as Internet websites, WebMD, Meddled, or the news media. Type of Information provided by the source List at least one marketing message being communicated to the consumer within this Information source. List one approach the consumer may use to verify the accuracy of the marketing message. Example: Website relating to Cortez MCNEIL-PC, Inc. (n. D. ). Cortez. In Cortez.

Retrieved from http:”www. Cortez. Com/ consumer/Cortez/index. View Example: Information relating to the use of Cortez In the treatment of allergies Example: Cortez Is a fast-acting allergy medicine that malignant Its effect for 24 hours after a single dose. Example: use the product to assess whether it works as stated. News Media of the Center of Disease Control Retrieved from http://www. CDC. Gob/Information is accessible online relating to the latest diseases & illness outbreaks, emergency disease control, and preventative methods of controlling outbreaks.

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In 2001, CDC played a pivotal role identifying cases of anthrax, tracking exposures, and developing a response to treat the 32,000 individuals who were, or may have been, exposed. Review news coverage, and newspaper ads that confirm the pivotal role that the CDC had In responding to the anthrax threats In 2001. Website related to Bugaboo BUGABOO and Genome are registered trademarks of Genome Corporation (trinitrotoluene) is a prescription medicine used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). BUGABOO MGM reduced the number of new brain lesions on MR. scans by 80% vs. placebo.

If using the prescription drug report any symptoms to your doctor and pharmacist. If you are experiencing side effects not listed contact the FDA to report this at www. FDA. Gob/mediated. Website related to Medicare The office US government site for Medicare Retrieved at www. Medicare. Gob The official Medicare website is online accessible tool for Medicare recipients and providers with a wide range of services related to choosing a plan, drug coverage, Medicare costs, claims and appeals. Start your Medicare off right by making sure you take advantage of everything Medicare has to offer.

The website is equipped with a claims/appeals tab that allows easy access to patients who wish to file an insurance claim or appeal their plans coverage, provider lists, or Coplay. Website related to resources for people living with MS The National MS Society Retrieved from the National MS Society at www. The National MS Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS now??to move together toward a world free of multiple sclerosis. The National MS society wants to prevent MS from debilitating more people.

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