Law and Ethics for Managers Assignment

Law and Ethics for Managers Assignment Words: 333

All managers should practice proper ethical behavior in business as well as the employees that fall under their supervision. The manager or CEO sets the tone for their organization. We discussed many cases where the decisions of management was less than honorable and some that where border line. One of the most important things taught In the class to me was the teachers reminders that the first thing you need to consider when making your decision is to asked yourself, “Is it Legal? ‘ Another chapter that was interesting to me was the chapter on bankruptcy.

We learned there are many laws and acts that govern bankruptcy. There are bankruptcy liquidations to fits every individual, partner, or corporation need. While reading that chapter, our group realized that we want no part of bankruptcy. The game we played was an also game to ensure that we read and studied the chapter that we were assigned to do a report on. It was fun and it really showed some of the competitiveness in the groups. As the game began to materialize, I realized that we as a class were learning more than the chapters that were assigned, but we were learning by listening to other group questions and answers. Mrs..

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Daniels should really consider using this game as a review for all her future student tests. This type of test review could be a fun way of learning and it ensures all the students hear each question and answer. Mrs.. Daniels could explain to her students in class why their answer to the question was wrong or right. As a whole, our class was fun. We had fun as we learned the material. I think discussions where informative and added real life scenarios to topics discussed in class. I hope to see more of my classmates as each of us continues on the road to academic success. Success that makes us realized that knowledge is king.

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