Kitchen Table Ethics Assignment

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I realized that just because we were taught something or told something it was very rarely displayed. Our Kitchen Table Philosophy was very situational in my family. I believe that my philosophy was, as I say not as I do. ??C,-1??ј My brother, sisters and I were taught to work hard and care for others by our parents. We were told the difference between right and wrong. For the most part we were raised to be religious. Manners were very Important and we were told all you added In life was love and that would bring you happiness.

Although we were told to work hard my father had a Job only half of my childhood. My mother told us not to drink and drive but my father had three We were told to treat everyone the same, but every race and religion had Its own derogatory slang word. Dating someone who was not would not have been acceptable In my family. Education was never pushed on us and I don?? remember my parents ever asking If we had homework. I also remember being told that you could do whatever you wanted in life and to accomplish it all you had to do was apply yourself.

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Maybe this is because neither of my parents had an education. My father completed his junior year and then dropped out where as my mother at least had her high school diploma. Sitting around the kitchen table or standing around with family members was not unusual for a family get together. This is where I learned most of what was right and wrong. This is were where I would listen to relatives and learned that what my parents showed us as an example was wrong. I learned that in life love was?? al you needed for happiness, you also needed money.

Something we did not have growing up in my house. As I grew up, the outside world played huge part of who I am today. I know that lust because you may not be we are all created to be equal. Everyone who wants to further themselves has the opportunity to do so and that being a good example is very important. And also the differences between right and wrong is not only saying it but also doing it. I am a parent now and I believe that not only should you teach right and wrong o should be an example to your children.

I tell my children not drink and drive that wrong and so I do not drink and drive. I tell my children school Is very Important and that you can do anything you want to do If you apply yourself. Not going to college is not an option for my children and they know that. When my son came to me and said, mom you go to college??C,-1??0 that made me realize I should go to college and be a good example I also explain to my children that sometimes parents make mistakes but you can try to go back to correct hat mistake.

When my husband and I talk about politics and one of the children say who they want to win the presidency we ask them why. We try to encourage our children to think for themselves. I think that Kitchen Table Philosophy does have a lot to do with how a person can turn out. I also believe that no matter what belief system you grew up with and no matter want Slacken ladle you going to Just get by? Phonology you were release Walt, In ten Ana all about your example. The question is, are you going to rise above it if need be or are

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