Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics Assignment

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In this paper an explanation and description of some general information concerning Cutbacks mission, and ethical system uses with examples of their uses. The essay will also identify how the code of ethics affects employees, managers, and board of directors within the organization. An explanation of the organization need to modify the existing code of ethics and the best method to implement these changes will be discussed.

Furthermore, a discussion of the possible reactions from employees, managers, and the effects the code may have on the organization will be provided. Cutbacks general Information general Information, mission statement, and code of ethics Cutbacks first opened In 1971 In Seattle holsters Pike Place Market owned by three partners Jerry Baldwin, Cave Siegel, and Gordon Booker. During the first decade, Jerry Baldwin, Cave Siegel, and Gordon Booker sold high-quality coffee beans and equipment a skilled learned from coffee roasting entrepreneur Alfred Pet.

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In 1982, entrepreneur Howard Schultz joined Cutbacks taking the role of Director of Retail Operations and while visiting Italy, Howard Schultz experience the Italian “coffee ultra” where patrons sit around tables enjoying themselves while drinking coffee, socialize, and spend time in relaxation. Schultz believed the Italian “coffee culture” could serve the same purpose in united States, and Incorporating coffee bars In Cutbacks stores could be the beginning of the coffee culture in the united States.

The founders believe Cutbacks should focus on selling beans and equipment Instead of engaging In restaurant business rejecting Schultz Idea. Schultz eventually convinced the founders to open a concept coffee shop incorporating the Italian coffee culture” model. However, the founders were reluctant to implement Schultz vision company-wide. Frustrated, Schultz ventured out started his II Georgian coffee outlets and later acquire Cutbacks from its original in 1987 and expanding aggressively.

Cutbacks code of ethics is Kantian allowing the company to accomplish results, growth, and profits following strict principles and social responsibility. Cutbacks code of ethics help with the successful sourcing of their beans and relations with suppliers, contractors, employee behavior, and management system thin the organization. Cutbacks corporate ethics program makes expectations and responsibility clear and flexible allowing leader, managers, and employees to adapt and make the most Important decisions In a dynamic working environment and ever-changing Industry.

Cutbacks’ corporate culture, diversity, and fair trade are standard practice and have worldwide share similar ambiance and feel, the company easily adapt to local cultures to assimilate and share local perspectives without losing the organization corporate ethics quality standards promoting employee and management relations ere of intercultural conflict through managed communication and ethical diversity practices.

Following the equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC) diversity employee-training standards, Cutbacks has instilled said methods are a regular part of maintaining the company’s inherent ethical values creating a unique identity, one that is green and fair supporting Cutbacks mission “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” (“Cutbacks,” 2013). Cutbacks also take corporate social responsibility seriously taking into inconsideration the local, domestic, and global perspective.

David Landau, Cutbacks CO believe “The World’s Most Ethical Companies use ethical leadership as a purposeful method to drive profits. Finally, each of these companies embodies the true spirit of Deciphers philosophy” Analysis of the Code of Ethics At Cutbacks, the effects of the code of ethics in the practice of leadership and employee roles are remarkable. Within the code of ethics are expected behavior and positions one must follow as well as stakeholders and concerns to protect.

Because of hose codes of ethics leaders and employees must behave accordingly informing and enforcing the company’s corporate culture and trust on social responsibility. In many cases, pressures to revise the code of ethics may come from a variety of sources and other factors, such as federal, state, and local laws can make it essential for an organization to make changes and revise its code of ethics to stay complaint. Conducting ongoing assessment of Cutbacks current code of ethics is necessary to ensure ongoing compliance to keep up with ongoing changes in the organization’s ethical environment.

Ongoing assessments and modifying the code of ethics can also benefits employees and stakeholders allowing Cutbacks to expand into the global marketplace and ensure the organization’s values are in alignment with the organizational goals and objectives. The effects of the code of ethics in the practice of employees, management, and board of director’s roles are very important. Within the organization code of ethics are expected behavior and positions one must exercise to inform and enforce the company’s corporate culture and trust on social responsibility.

When leaders behave thin the bounds of the company code of ethics, employees will project the company image of a moral and socially responsible organization to the community and the environment while doing business. Organizational code of ethics are put into effect daily when employees and members of the organization his or her roles as baristas, executives, supervisors, purchasers, managers, leaders, accountants, etc. When internal issues arises leader, manager, and employees use the code of ethics to resolve these issues.

When individuals are tempted by unethical behaviors, which can affect others by aging unfair measures, the code also can be used to select the appropriate punishments or to mitigate and control behavior. The same would also apply when the Cutbacks is confronted with issues pertaining to the company choices, and to make decisions according to the code of ethics. For example, Cutbacks is committed Cutbacks also believe in the fair trade act and will only purchase products from Fair- trade providers because as it is the socially responsible.

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