Ethics Assignment

Ethics  Assignment Words: 274

Explain in detail, the first and the fourth major points of the code of ethics endorsed by the Board of Engineers, Malaysia through its circular no. 3/2005: Guidelines for Professional Conduct. (10 marks) b) Describe briefly how you may apply to become a graduate engineer in Malaysia after graduating from MUMS and why it is important. Question 2 (20 Marks) Assume that you were the CEO of MASS (Malaysia Airlines System). Flight MOMMY from Koala Lump to Beijing went missing on 8 March, 2014.

Explain in detail how you ay use the seven steps of stakeholder analysis to solve this problem. Question 3 (20 Marks) Mark Pasting named Apple as one of the 25 “high ethics, high profit” firms. Explain by giving examples and contrasting with its competitors, why a Firm of Endearment such as Apple is successful in business. Use at least 300 words. Question 4 (20 Marks) Assume that you were a professional computer engineer working for the developer of the Highland Towers at Atman Hillier, Lulu Slang, Clangor, Malaysia, Just before the tragedy.

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You were aware of the failures with the drainage system although you were to directly involved with the drainage system and its rectification. If the building collapses, lives will be lost. Discuss the actions that you will take that are ethical and will ensure that you do not break any of the professional engineer code of ethics. Question 5 (20 Marks) Discuss the legal system in Malaysia by using the laws that may be used to control the haze problem in Malaysia as an example. Quote two statute laws as examples. Mention also all the enforcement agencies and courts that may be used.

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