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Human Resource Management Summer 2009 Session B To Lie or No to Lie 1) Polygraph testing began in the early 20th century. The first celebrated case using a polygraph test was the Lindberg baby kidnapping. Polygraph tests a popular among the branches of law enforcement (FBI, CIA and Homeland Security). There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to utilizing polygraph tests in the workplace. The advantages to using a polygraph test in the workplace are that the test allows the individual(s) in question to give “their side of the story. It protects the organization from being discriminatory towards and particular group or faith. It shows employees that the organization is willing to go to great lengths to find out what has occurred. This type of action should be recorded into the employee manual to protect against any future issues. The disadvantages to polygraph testing are that employees may see the test as an infringement of their rights. The employee may refuse to take the test, especially if it is not part of company policy. The testing could be manipulated to reflect a desired outcome.

The testing is not admissible as evidence on a court of law in most states. 2) Drug testing at Team Fun is not legal in most of the United States. Before proceeding with any type of drug testing, especially any random drug testing, it is highly recommended that the organization consult with the state Department of Labor to confirm the guidelines with regard to company drug testing. The company should consider is this to be pre employment or post employment drug testing. Most drug testing is done pre employment.

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Policies that should be instituted around random post employment drug testing are employees (supervisory and staff) are to have educational programs about the drug testing, the drugs being tested and the event of having a positive result of a test (supervisory level education). The company should not or cannot terminate the post-employment employee for failing random drug test. This could result in litigation against the organization. In the event of a positive drug test, the company is to recommend or provide counseling or rehabilitation for the employee found to be an addict to one of the drugs in the screening process. ) In the case of a pre employee submitting to a random drug test the following steps are to be taken. 1) The employee filled out the appropriate applications and paperwork, the employee is to proceed to the outside vendor for completion of the drug test. Once the results are received. 2) The next phase of the employee hiring process takes place. In the case of a post hired employee submitting to a random drug test the following steps are to be taken. 1) The employee is to report to an offsite third – party vendor to complete the drug screening (this can be by blood, by urine or by saliva). ) Once the resulted are founded and if the findings are negative, employee is free to resume his/her duties for the organization. If the results are found to be positive, the HRM department begins to take steps to give the employee the best care possible and the best references within the scope of their influence. 4) The organizational issues that are relevant to this discussion are the mission of the organization, the lack of discipline within the organization, the lack of written and enforced policy of the organization as well.

The leadership wanted to institute an organization of levity, of positivity and of fulfillment for its employees. This all well and good, a company must establish guidelines for its employees to function to the best of their abilities and to feel that sense of “fun” within those constraints. Having no disciplinary policies put this organization at risk for litigation from disgruntled employees and for any issues of thievery, disrespect and absences. You can have a positive and fun environment, as long as all parties understand the rules of the game and how to play the game.

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