Walmart Statement of Ethics Assignment

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The two that think are most important are Raising Concerns and Speaking Up which tell you how to get an opinion before you take action and to report a violation of ethics, including ways that you can report the violation in private without giving your name. The other issue that I thought was important is Leading With Integrity in Our Workplace which discusses alcohol and drug abuse, harassment, inappropriate conduct, non-retaliation, non- discrimination, wage and hour, and conflict of interest. The Statement of Ethics is communicated to Walter employees the first day of employment ruing new employee orientation and also throughout the year.

The person who administers the ethics program is the Human Resources Manager or the Store Manager. All the obligations in the Statement of Ethics apply to all associates, managers, and third-party workers. Associates need to follow the law at all times. They are told if they see anyone violating the code of ethics to discuss it with someone. All employees of Walter need to understand all principles and use them in your everyday job. All employees are asked to learn the specific policies that apply to their job. They don’t expect you to memorize them, but have a good idea as to what they are saying.

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Here are three scenarios that would apply to Walla’s Statement of Ethics program. Do you think it is right if human resources ask you to take a drug test before accepting a management position? All new or existing job applicants can be drug screened as part of the post-offer hiring process, or prior to accepting a promotion into management. If the applicant tests positive for illegal drug use they will not be hired or promoted, and also may be terminated. Walter ay require an employee to submit to drug testing following certain on-the- job injuries or if there’s a reasonable basis to suspect you’re under the influence of drugs. Walter-Statement of Ethics, 2008) If you were a member of a meeting and a co-worker used a word that was offensive to you what would you do? You should speak up and tell the person. There are a lot of words that are offensive but some are not. The person who said the word may not think that this word is offensive. Another thing you could do is use the Open Door process; contact someone in Human Resources, or the Global Ethics Office. (Walter-Statement of Ethics, 2008) An employee you work with called the Helpline and made a false claim against you. You think they did it to hurt your career.

You want to know if you can put lower marks on their evaluation since they were spreading lies about you. Is this the right thing to do? No, Walter believes that associates who report different concerns to the Helpline do so in good faith. Therefore, you should not take action against this co-worker because that would be retaliation, and could result in disciplinary action. Retaliation will not be tolerated at Walter. Retaliation prevents an open reporting environment, and people express fear. (Walter-??Statement of Ethics, 2008) I believe Walter’s Statement of Ethics program is a great example.

They have so much information that is readily available to employees. They give difference scenarios that could happen to an employee and how that employee should respond if there is a violation of the statement of ethics. Walter has phone numbers listed for the Ethics Committee in every country that there is a Walter that impressed me. The final disclaimer of Walter’s Statement of Ethics states the allowing: Statement of Ethics provides an introduction to the responsibilities of all associates, along with an overview of certain important policies.

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