Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration Analysis Assignment

Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration Analysis Assignment Words: 295

The due process model has several steps that fall Into the classification of the professional standards and values that have to do with the criminal Justice system. There are situations in the criminal Justice agencies that must follow the steps of the due process model so that everyone In the organizational Is treated equally. The due process model will also help the organizational to come to the conclusion of any particular situation that Is the true conclusion.

The organizational should look at the uh process model as an example of a court room and the objective of finding out the guilty party Involved. The crime control model follows the same lines as the due process model but takes a more direct line to the process. The crime control model has more to deal with the management of the particular organization and how the management must act in regards to the employees of the organization. I currently work for the Kansas Highway Patrol in the State of Kansas. I can say that there are uniform personal and then civilian personal as well.

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Whether or not an employee is n the uniform or not they are held to the same level of professional standards and values. I can honestly say that in some situations the uniform personal has more strict rules to follow than the civilian personal must follow. For example, when trying to obtain a position with the Kansas Highway Patrol, the civilian personal must go through a background check but the uniform personal must go through the background check and must pass a polygraph test. In my opinion this is a perfect example of how some employees are held to different level of standards and values.

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