Computer Ethics: Torrents/Filesharing Assignment

Computer Ethics: Torrents/Filesharing Assignment Words: 293

This caused huge companies such as Universal and Sony to lose large amounts of money due to the downfall of record sales. Herein lies the ethical dilemma (cracked. Com). This was someone’s way of using the Internet’s free exchange of Information to manipulate the law and make a profit for himself. Due to the lack of technology/Lenten laws at the time Anapest was allowed to continue their file sharing until March 5, 2001 when a District Court Judge issued a preliminary injunction ordering Anapest to remove all of the plaintiffs ,A&M Records, freighted material (History. Com) .

After that Anapest began the proverbial downward spiral and never recovered. Anapest was only the beginning. Shortly after the Invention of Anapest several other POP programs began being released that were doing the exact same thing as Anapest. Programs such as Aziza, Elmer, Brasher and Frostier are only a few of the many that began to pop up. All these programs followed the same basic outline as Anapest; people could get music for free. These programs too slowly died off, but their creation stimulated an evolution in the file sharing community. Soon torrents began to arise.

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With torrents people were now gaining access to pirated software worth thousands of dollars with programs like Adobe Creative Suites and Microsoft Office that were worth $500-$1500(oho. Com). These losses are still being suffered because of the lack of control of copyrighted material. Technology will continue to grow and evolve as long as we do. It is our moral obligation to keep up with technology so as to protect businesses, bands and individuals from the vulture-like population who would rather steal something off the internet than pay for it themselves.

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