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Justification of policies for the ethical use of such technology” (Moor, 1985). It also Includes the Identification of computer generated policy vacuums, clarification of conceptual models, formulation of polices for the use of computer technology and ethical justification of such policies. At Georgia Southern university, Department of Mathematics and Computers professor Margaret Ann Pierce and John W. Henry, her assistant created three categories that influence computer technology and usage. They include the individuals personal code, any informal code of ethics that previous exists, and subjection to formal ethics code.

Pierce and Henry do not disagree with the original definition of computer ethics but add focus to the basis of the rules that are applied when making decisions concerning computer technology and use. Computer and professional ethics differ in several ways. Computer ethics affect a person’s “life, health, finances, freedom and future of a client or members of the public” (Abase, 2008). However, professional ethics have the ability to “cause great harm through dishonesty, carelessness, or incompetence” (Abase, 2008).

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Professional ND business ethics apply in a person to person atmosphere, over the phone, and on a computer. Computer ethics apply solely to the computer, such as email, online chat programs, and much more. That is the major difference in the two. Professional and business ethics include computer ethics, but it does not go both ways. Information System managers have several things they need to be aware of as far as ethics. Managers need to ensure that their team members are not violating any laws or rights.

They need to know how to manage data to only allow access to sensitive and repository information to those have a need-etc;-know. Personal sensitive Information needs to be handled appropriately so It Is not disclosed without being authorized. If that Information is released without authorization It causes liability for the company or organization. Information System managers also need to take ethics Into consideration when choosing their team, during the staffing process. They also need to make proper managerial decisions and deal with them ethically In treatment of the employees underneath them.

They need to be aware of equal opportunity laws to ensure there Is no discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual preference and many others. These laws play a major role In hilling, letting go or promoting employees on the managers team. It is important for everyone in the Information System and Information Technology fields to be aware of computer, professional and business ethics. Ethics play a large role in any organization but the Information Systems and Information Technology fields have additional ethics to take into employers are not caused any liabilities. No matter the decision, ethics need to be taken into consideration.

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